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  • Jademann Jademann Jun 17, 2004 4:32 PM Flag

    I got XP Pro at last yesterday

    did a clean install downloaded all the drivers and updates and virus protection and Zonealarm, everything working great, took my a whole day to set up, but worth it.

    Then I remembered my Live Value card and thought it would be good to have the surround sound mixer that I used to use and liked. So I went to the website and downloaded the LivedrvUnipack(ENG).exe and istalled it. As soon as my system loaded it froze. I couldnt believe it, this isnt supposed to be rocket science its just drivers for a 2 year old Live Value card!

    My installation of XP was ruined, it would not start except safe mode. Even system restore wouldnt fix it. Again this isnt suppoed to be rocket science guys 1/10 thanks alot.

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    • this had nothing to do with the stock. I just wanted the opportunity to get me message to someone who might be in a position to improve things!

    • Jade - if anyone bought , sold , or held CREAF stock based on your flipping reccomendations in the past 72 hours over your 2 year old Creative drivers that you were unable to install with your vast knowledge ....... well all I can say is ... I hope they made a profit. I have had one problem with a Creative product when my son dropped his MuVo in a vat of boiling water. Although they did not have to - they replaced it for $15 as a courtesy. My speaker system, camera, and mouse operate flawlessly. My son's replaced MuVo operates flawlessly.
      Many issues beyond my understanding could be preventing you from reinstalling old drivers on your computor. Really ,I just got a chuckle out of telling you to "Go to Dell" but I hope you do find a way to get things working .

    • dont worry im off. sorry if you dont want to hear the truth! What I have written is the truth and an example of what is wrong and i wrote it to help both creative and its customers.

      I have actually another product which I paid 300 dollars for, one of teh first live drive platinum systems. expensive by today's standards but it worked as far as i remember.

    • "GO TO DELL" or some other place that rhymes with your mind.

    • you seriously want me to buy a MAC to fix a $30 creative sound car only to find it still doesnt work? No, I think I will just buy a soundcard from a company that has spent a little time making sure of hardware and software compatiblity.

    • read your posts and i have to have one messed up machine and the best i can say ....sounds like its a piece of shit.....ever consider paying a little more and buying a MAC......the proprietary system keeps folks like you from wasting valuable time and keeps your machine running......ayeayaya

    • lol...just to complete the tale with the Liveware 3 disc drivers devldr32 causes error to XP when exiting. Oh well I deleted it from the registry and solved teh problem without preventing anything else from working (so far)!

    • OK final update on this subject....

      I installed win2000 Liveware 3.0. then proceeded to install all teh updates Creative recommends for my card on their site. Result total failure... Fortunately XP was able to survive this time as I uninstalled bits and pieces of the various installations over the past 3 hours. The insatllation engine hung three times and I was expecting a total loss of my system as happened the previous 3 times. Then I did a re-installation from the liveware 3 disk and it all worked! So thats how its going to stay. Creative give no advice on what the other components provide anyhow apart from pretty skins.

      So best advice is dont use the website for downloads. Creative dont give any idea what their upgrades are for or what advantages they provide or why they should be downloaded. They really need to give more guidance to people because I wouldnt say I was a novice at PCs.

      Maybe the engineers, managers and webdesigners should like sit down monday morning and have a good discussion, you know chew it over and try to get some kind of idea what is actually going on because if they dont know WE certainly dont know. Hope this helps, it was intended to be helpful!

      By the way, it takes about 6 hours nursing you computer to get each installation of XP up and running (assuming no problems, which it did twice!) thats why it got so darn frustrating!

    • The problem came up immediately after installing the creative package. It may also have been because I uninstalled the old version after downloading and installing the latest version from the support website, I dont know.

      I do have onboard sound but it worked and didnt need removing before I added Creative. I dont see anything different regarding IRQ, I havent changed anything for months and worked before Creative was installed.

      I think I will do a full reinstall tonight, a kind friend lent me his newer Live Value disk. Once the new version is installed can the old version be uninstalled without causing a problem?

    • I thought I should come back and say that I did the whole thing again today and took the chance of installing the drivers. They worked!

      What I did was disable zonealarm and Norton antivirus and disconnect my network cable!

      Also I think that when I installed late last night I may have asked for digital outputs to be the default and I dont have these. In haste and tiredness I misread the question and thought it meant the negative so I clicked yes! That might have been what did it, human error coupled with an important question. tick here for digital tick here for analog might have been safer!

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      • Oh I dont believe it...........

        You actually have to have a version of playcenter installed to install the new downloaded playcenter so I got out the live value disc and installed v1.53a. My system completely crashed again. This is utterly unbeleivable. What is wrong with these poeple?

        IS there anyone who can speak english well enough to state precisely what we are supposed to do? Is there no attempt to actually help their customers?

        I give up....