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    • Look where they are now, BKB, MEL, WFC etc.. Other investors surely bailed out badly. We don't regard highly on most analysts.
      The house themselves bleed 40-50% in 2 wks.

    • When I posted about conf call improvements I was
      thinking along the lines of improving the actual mechanics
      of the c.c.(i.e. net access to c.c.). You bring up a
      good idea. Why cant we submit to the Creaf newsgroup a
      couple questions that we as individual investors would
      like answered in the c.c.. Creaf could take a few
      minutes to address the questions that are important to
      us. Later today I'll start a thread on the newsgroup
      to compile the questions that come up.


    • My point is : we have many invest fear that the
      intel 734 chip will eliminate the need for a sound
      card. Many people has argued here that this chip will
      not hurt the Sound Balster Live because it is aimed
      at the high end user (especially the gamer).
      However, two analysts fron two different brokerage still
      ask that question in two consective conference call.
      What it tell me is that brokerage and Money managers
      still are skeptical about the future of this company.
      Without institution buyer support, we now have a PE of 6
      and that is evel lower than the cyclic commoditity
      industry. You can post all you want but we are not going to
      change those institution's mind. Only CREAF management

    • Disappointed to read buybacks will probably be
      limited to 10%
      of outstanding shares per year.

      Given CREAFs high amount of cash reserves and high
      earnings, the buyback will not put much of a
      dent in their cash

      I would like to
      see either a dividend, or the purchase of
      other companies beaten up by the current market. It
      would be
      nice to see some diversification into
      products which do not
      potentially compete with Intel.
      Any other suggestions on what
      to do with the

    • every other high tech companies. This is known by
      the industry.
      We invest in Intel as well, because
      of its microchips business
      not because if it can
      infilfrate on everyone else' turf. Digital camera will be a
      very hot product. I don't see Intel move in that area
      mainly because it is not their bread and butter

      Thanks for all those hedge funds poking around
      developing markets
      for a couple billions profit and wipe
      off 3 trillions dollars and consumers confident in
      the U.S. Costing IMF to employ more than 50 billions
      bail out crumbled enconomies. Maybe the U.S.
      government needs to put some restrictions on these currency
      attack hedge funds to avoid further economic
      slowdown/backfires to consumer spending which in turn hurt every
      company's profits.
      Just look at the financial sectors,
      what a blood bath!!

    • Chipsets was the key of your post. Here is a site
      that gives a good roadmap for intel chips and

      go to the chipsets and you will see intigrated
      chipsets are right around the corner. Look at camino and
      whitney. These might be low end, but I think a high impact
      on Creaf is possible. It will be a change in market
      dynamics that will hurt creaf. sort of like sub 1000 to
      the pc industry. maybe?


    • It certainly will help all of us longs in the
      long run for the buyback to occur when prices are this
      low. Using the same amount of cash, they can now buy
      back 2 1/2 times what they would have been able to do
      when they first announced the buyback. It probably has
      been in our best interest for the buyback to occur

    • Intel 's profit is about 5 billion this year. As
      for Creaf, its
      total profit is about 3% of that
      Intel. Intel can increase this miniscule profit easily
      by reduce through many channels, such as operating
      expenses, or reduce staffs, consolidate divisions
      No need for a Lion to chow bugs.

      Intel was
      burned selling modems and other gadgets awhile ago.
      Intel won't even touch motherboard business, need I say
      why, rather they make motherboard chipsets which they
      do best. Same for ATI, 3COM, Asus etc. should they
      be afraid of Intel? No. Intel can't be
      jack-of-all-trades and great at it. One of the major reasons of
      Japanese conglomerates fail is because of the fact that
      they want to do everything. See for yourself.

    • I would love to see CREAF prepared to give a
      detail analysis of the the so called "Intel threat". I
      believe that failure to address the concern properly is
      one of the main reason that this stock has a PE ratio
      of 6 which is wrose than most of the cyclic
      commodity company. CREAF droped the ball when that last
      question were raiused in the last wto conference call ans
      I sure hope that they are prepared this time.

    • No doubt the value is there. I find it hard to
      understand how anyone could be a seller at these prices.
      Perhaps margin calls and ML trying to balance their
      position (really a dumb move @ these prices) or perhaps
      people don't think Singapore and CREAF will weather a
      global slow down. With Singapore's substantial reserves
      a slow down won't effect them all that much. Tech
      should hold up better than other industries and gamers
      will continue to want the most enjoyable experience
      they can have , so CREAF should continue to do well.
      Let's hope these assumptions are correct and that the
      market begans to agree. A little investor PR could help

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