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  • jackstormer jackstormer Jul 25, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    If earnings r bad SEC needs to investigate

    Any insiders jumping ship? Or is this a squeeze to get rid of the weak hands?

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    • "Insiders usually do no trades in month 1 and month 3 of a quarter for the following reasons. (This leaves insiders just 4 months per year.) During month 1, no trades are permitted until the quarterly report appears, plus a few days for market to digest the results. Theoretically, by the beginning of month 3 you know how the quarter will be. This may be actually true in some businesses, but not others. In some parts of the computer business, an awful lot of business is booked during month 3, and shipped in the last 2 weeks, so people quite often have no idea at this time whether they'll make the numbers or not. This is especially true for high-end machines (like supercomputers, where pure-supercomputer companies have occasionally had crazed fluctuations because some $20M machine got held up a week)."

      Since Darin Billerbeck sold 100k shares on May 17, this would be month 2 of the 2nd quarter (April-June).

      Presenting any complaint to the SEC would not be immediately dismissed, however, the timing of the above transaction, would not present an obvious 'red flag'.

      Any complaint can be forwarded to ''

      Good luck.

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      • "Insiders usually do no trades in month 1 and month 3 of a quarter for the following reasons.

        It doesn't have to be an "insider"! It's the information that's important and that could to passed on to a friend that the insider knows and has a agreement with and would benefit both parties. There are many ways to cheat the system and make the wrong people rich, just ask the people in Washington who are suppose to have "your best interest at heart" but can only think of their wealth and power !t Happens every day and is hard to prove !

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