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  • cashkill cashkill Jun 20, 2003 7:44 AM Flag

    annual shareholders meeting:


    I came up with a plausable idea for why the massive increase in available stock options...its so management can get well compensated in a takeover situation in fact I am sure that they(twtc) has a rule that if they get taken out automaticly all options that were approved by shareholder majority automaticly become vested and distributed otherwise why would they need options woth 20% of the entire companys issued shares???...If they just gave out the options in the course of normal year it would trigger a class action suit!

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    • what was the number of options increase??????????


    • Your right, options will be fully vested if the company is sold. The only people who get hurt are the small investor who sees their share diluted.

      IMHO, TWTC will have to reach free cash flow or prove they will actually reach free cash flow before this company will be a canidate for a take over.

      AOL owns 44M shares so I wonder why AOL approved a dilution of their shares.

      Some good questions but loking at the facts:
      New Board Member who is an expert in M&A
      More option shares
      No PR
      T Selling

      What I would like to see is the FAA filed flight plans for corporate jets landing and taking off from the corportate airfield near TWTC.