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  • peter_scott10 peter_scott10 Sep 17, 2009 8:00 PM Flag


    Do we drop, or continue to climb? Lets use our heads on this question, not our hearts. Well the book says that after this climb, we need to build a base, so I say small gain, but we are in the 2.30's for a lot of the day.

    Now, if the Asia and Europe markets heat up prior to open, then I say we are up agian, but maybe not the 40 centers thatwe are used to.

    My predictions aside, I would love to see us break $3 tomorrow

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    • I did a search last week and found AMFI. One tip, is when you find one you like, check to see how many shares they have out to make sure they did issue a lot of stock to cover up the losses in 2007/2008.

      There are very few dollar stocks available. Download the spreadsheet this weekend and see what you find. I use the ratio approach (put in x and get out x) to target future picks. But if you want another buy and hold, keep and eye on Alcoa (used to be a dividend king, but there is an aluminum glut on top of the recession, so it may take a while for this to get back to 2007 high).

    • They have sold some banks to get the required capital and should be fine. It was a good summer of contruction in Chicago, I just don't know if they got a piece of the deal.

    • Thanks for sharing the Good Information Peter!
      I'm very new to the stocks,I just started this year to take the advantage of the current market. I made good progress untill now.
      I liked your strategy to get in early, hold and be patient to watch to go up. I did the same thing on few stocks but knowingly I missed CAR and F due to to wating on other stocks that are not moving up.
      Do you have any stickers (around $1) on top of your head that you can share or any suggestions on how to firgure out them to keep in the watch list

      Tahnks agian in Advance!

    • Thanks Robert- I'll check it out.

    • Hi Peter,

      Google has an exceptional stock screener you can use that will meet the same goal with the option of adding many more filters such as PE, divs, etc.

      I think it would greatly reduce your DD time.

      Maybe we can all start sharing our finds.


    • I hope you're right, I think it's possible. I must admit, I was one of the dumbest traders that ever was today. I am the only person to lose money on NCT in the last two days. I lost 0.20 per share today. Had I bought 20 minutes earlier, I would have been up, had I waited ten minutes, I would have seen the downtrend and waited. It's a good lesson. I intended to buy a few weeks ago and when family issues kept me on the road, I let it drop and lost focus. We, especially I, must remember to keep the focus. So let's hope we top $3.00 soon!
      Peter-- I especialyl appreciate your comments and analysis the last few months.

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      • Thanks for the kind words. I am just like you, a guy who wants to take advantage of the crash. The Dow/Nasdac run up to the highs in 20007 created a lot of wealth (I was one of those who heard a crash was coming and kept waiting for it, so I got none of the goodness of that rally), and the fall to the March lows this year took away alot of that same wealth. I want to be one of those guys who takes advantage and makes enough to retire.

        I could have bought a ton of CAR but waited too long. I could have bought a good amount of LVS but waited too long. I could have bought a lot of PMI or RDN, but waited too long. But I have recovered and I have 183,500 shares of stock in companies taht if the get back to their 2007 will get me 7.2M (plus a lot of cash through divvy's). This opportuity will probably never happen again in our life time and I hope to ride the wave (I have put every penny I can get my hands on into the market).

        If you are in at 2.60, then when this gets back to 35, then for every dollar you put in, you get over 13 back.

        P.S. Your luck sounds like mine. Everytime I buy a stock, it goes down that day (except for NCT, I bought the day before it went from .90 to 1.40, I have never sweated this getting close to my entry point). I hit the jackpot with NCT and I thank god for my good fortun.

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