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  • objective11 objective11 Aug 18, 2011 8:06 AM Flag

    DIVY per PPS

    IMO the reinstatement of the divy has stabilized pps which was one of the goals of the reinstatement. would be much greater selling pressure on nct shares in the current market environment without nct paying a divy. good timing by management.

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    • Yes but what happens if they yank the dividend again? Is there any chance of that happening? If the answer is no, then this stock is indeed a screaming buy. I was turned on to it today and am presently looking in to it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Look at the stockprice today and this week for NCT.
      STRONG! related to other REIT's.

      Iam an European and it is almost unbelievable what is happening in the eurozone. The cooperation between the euro-countries look s like to worsen.
      The Economist says today a chance of 40% for collapsing the euro.

      I stepped in NCT because as European investor i have faced for myself that US-stock performances are (much) better the last 3 years.

      I think i will buy some extra NCT-shares next week because i have trust in this company. Furthermore i think that Dow can decline further with 1000 points or more and thén it will recover, but earliest beginning of 2012.

    • I hope you are wrong.

    • Its getting uncertain also for NCT i think now.
      If this uncertainty stays then i think EPS-estimiates for
      2012 will be cut.

      And so will the stock-price.

      I do'nt know about dividend-expecations.

    • EPS estimates were already cut prematurely for 2012 with expectations of increased interest rates. Recent announcements from the FED insured the "at zero" rate up to or through 2013. This news was released about 1 week after some REIT bashing by several analysts along with lowered EPS estimates. Simply put, they spoke too soon. Drastic events would have to take place to get EPS estimates lowered again as they are likely too low as is. I agree $4 looks to be a solid bottom for NCT. There is a possibility it will go lower if volatility remains high, but I don't think it would stay there very long. S&P charting/indicators suggesting bottom is not far away as well. 1.5x-2x divy increase should easily pull NCT up into the 6's and maintain it. Then when the markets finally go bull as they will eventually, NCT should move up fast.

    • Rabies:

      nice story.
      Fact was that Newcastle yesterday performed very well wit a decline of 0.65%. Related to other REITS (NRF/RAS/GRT) declined much more.!

      I buy some extra shares next week, unless there is coming vey bad news en indices stay very volatile.

      Actually i think you can better be more negative for all stocks in the short term than positive.

    • Why don't you just say it "I'm Short" and hoping everything goes down. Take your BS somewhere else. I've also put you on ignore.

    • Who me?


      I am long on NCT and see it as a buy.

      A limited decline in stockprice for NCT is not a disaster.
      It is a buying opportunity!
      And that is what i mention.

    • I'm long too. I guess Sander is overly pessimistic possibly. Although, adding more shares at this price is almost unresistable. I'll be adding a few more this week coming up. Before this little minnie crash we had, I recall so many people saying stocks were over priced (analysts and other types with a couple of cents). Maybe, just maybe, value investment will take hold and NCT will be a prime option for investors. Who the h knows. We'll see, hopefully within a month or two.

    • Yes idd. Rabbies:

      That's what is also asking myself?

      Which sector is attractive to hold or to step in/accumulate now, after the min-crash.

      A lot of oilstocks have almost lost 50% of their value last weeks but i think the oil is the most important reason for world economic problems.

      I thinks it is more attractive to stop in REITS because of the (required) dividend they pay.
      Most oilstocks do not pay dividend and are more risky because of their uncertainty in proven reserves.

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