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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Dec 14, 2011 8:57 PM Flag


    well....i am so very happy the company sees it my way...very good management trumps a lackluster economy every time! seems NCT has decided to do the prudent thing and increase "VALUE" to the equity..just as i have been explaining!....unfortunately, many novice investors on this board just dont get it!...buying a 4 dollar stock to make gains off of a dividend is a foolish way to lock down your capital!...NCT is a High Beta stock that can swallow up your dividend in a matter of hours on a daily lets just say i am absolutely jumping with joy with the news NCT invested the cash in a portfolio building investment....thus giving me real gains in share price...PREDICTION:...DIVIDEND WILL BE LOWERED TO A SUSTAINABLE LEVEL AND THERE WILL BE MORE CREATIVE INVESTING IN MONEY MAKING VEHICLES IN THE FUTURE!!!.....bob and gogo....NOW some free advice for the people on here...if you want a solid dividend return without exposure to price swings, try PREFERRED SHARES of BANKS, MULTINATIONAL CONGLOMERATES OR BLUE CHIP MANUFACTURING COMPANIES SUCH AS FORD!....oh...and you can tell me i was right later!

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    • Here's the facts douchbag: Been in NCT since 2007, made lots of money on it and am currently in at an average just over $3.00 for more blocks of shares than you can count on your 12 fingers. Your messages are insulting, obnoxious and serve no purpose other than to highlight your 5th grade intelligence. This board has been a civil, friendly, non-confrontational place for discussion for many years. I will urge all serious posters to put you on IGNORE. This will be my last response to you as your posts serve absolutely no purpose. Gogo, hit that IGNORE button. When he gets no responses from here on out he'll disappear to the Barney Board where the level of intelligence equals his own.


    • You have lost your mind. How do you ever think the company sees it your way? Them getting into MSRs has basically been a given since the SPO. Even I figured they were going to. I kind of even hoped they would. Also, they are probably getting into another chunk here shortly, which is also fine with me.

      I am most definitely not buying a 4$ stock to make gains off of a dividend. I am buying a 4$ stock that is paying a nice dividend and is underpriced right now to make gains off of the eventual increase in stock price. Meanwhile, I will collect the 13% a year in dividends, and never complain about it. And yes, it can swallow up your dividends in a matter of hours, but if you aren't and idiot, which we know you are, then you can easily trade in and out of a high beta stock to make even more gains between dividend announcements.

      As for your prediction, it just proves my point that either 1. You have lost your mind or 2. You are and id10.T. I am guessing number 2 is correct, btw. There is no way they will lower the dividend this quarter for a couple reasons. First, they have plenty of cashflow to cover the meager 15 cents. Secondly, if they lowered the dividend this quarter after raising it last quarter, followed promptly by an SPO, there would be a major shareholder lawsuit. Management isn't stupid, which is why you could never be management. As for more creative investing in money making vehicles in the future, well know duh. Edens already has said as much and anyone that listens or reads the CC, knows this already.

      As for your suggestion into Ford, just further deepens your ignorance. Over the past year, Ford share price is down 38.1% AND NO DIVIDEND (so why you even suggest buying Ford for the dividend is beyond me). NCT over the past year is down 23.2% AND paid 25 cents in dividends. If you add that to the share price, you are only down 17.3%. Far cry from your suggestion that doubles the amount you have lost. Good call. I will agree with you on SOME preferred shares of some banks. You are actually better off buying preferred shares of some REITs and also ATT. Also, common shares of things like CAT, BGS and Energy companies. I am sure you are too ignorant to even figure out why on your own.

      So, clearly you have already proven yourself wrong. Now, get off the computer at the library, other kids would like to use it. Go back home, set the table for mommy and make sure you get to bed by your bedtime at 8.

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