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  • robin0635 Apr 11, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    OT: NTI and AGNC

    Since there is yet another day of "no news" concerning NCT's spin-off (and it's stock relatively static) - What is the prognosis/consensus relative to NTI and/or AGNC? NTI is a most volatile stock and should be in "turn-around" phase and took a rather large hit today; AGNC, dropped also, well off its recent gains -- Looking for an adequate re-entry point... Anyone care to venture a well-reasoned opine?

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    • Refiners taking a hit today, but that's been the modus operandi for weeks now Crack spread has come down from lofty levels a few months ago but the refiners remain a good play if one is a smart trader. They are VERY volatile and you need "balls of steel" to play them. Still looking for $21 to reenter ALDW. AGNC is a long term hold for me. In my opinion best of breed in the mREIT sector. JMHO.

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      • robin0635 Apr 11, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

        Bob: NTI still interests me from from when I sold previously @29.83, plus divvy, so I'll get back into it sooner or later- (just waiting for the right time); you know I had AGNC previously and sold on the X-Dividend date and made out quite well there... ALDW isn't there yet - (maybe after a market pull-back) --- If you add to either one, drop me an e-mail - (you have my addy)...(Also have a working e-mail with "turbo", after a few tries - (told you he was a pleasure to speak with and, like you, a wealth of information, with a keen emphasis on detail) -- To the accountant now to sign-off on returns... (I prefer to keep a "buffer" between myself and the IRS)...
        Thanks for your input and as always a pleasure...

    • I like both AGNC and NTI long term. I mostly trade options on them, although I do buy AGNC shares after SPO or "crash" but then tend to sell the day before Ex-div. Regarding NTI, today I sold Sep30 Puts for $6.51/contract; net exercise $23.49 if assigned. That is basically where the PPS was after their SPO a couple months ago, and it hasn't been that low since. I'm hedged with long Jun17.50 puts in case of a disaster in the next 60 days. Good luck to you!

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      • robin0635 Apr 11, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

        return5x: Was just heading out the door when I saw your post...
        Querry: Why do you sell your shares BEFORE X-date, in re AGNC??? I've always kept mine until the the X-date and sold in 'pre-market' that same day - (That way I keep the dividend, and sell while the market is still up, prior to the standard drop-down in price, equivalent to the average dividend reduction in p/s... Just curious...
        Regarding SPO's, I'm 100% with you there, as well as when there is a large 'block-trade', at discount, but one has to carefully watch for them on the business-wire feeds (See recent LNCO's a few weeks back)... Like your numbers in re NTI @23.49 + 6.51 c/p - question is will it get there???
        In re options, I fundamentally lack the expertise to trade them with percision -- Going to look at your spreads when I get back... Thanks for your input again (although I'm still up a few cents on WMC today)...

        Must leave now, already late ... (but what my accountant charges he can wait a little longer...)

    • robin0635 Apr 12, 2013 1:38 PM Flag

      business-wire: Northern Tier Energy will report its financial results for the first quarter of 2013 on May 13, 2013, subsequent to the closing of the market at the NYSE. Northern Tier Energy will also host a conference call to discuss its first quarter 2013 results on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 11:00 am Eastern Time.

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