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  • sonnenwayne sonnenwayne Jun 17, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Cost basis adjustments from split

    Good news and bad news: Looks like I'll egt to lower my cost basis in NCT by about $4.49 per share. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to pay taxes on an extra $2.40 per share as well. My initial cost for NCT that I got a little over a year ago is $6.40; I was hoping to lower my cost basis a little more than $4.49. Oh well...

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    • Tax Basis of Distributed New Residential Stock
      For U.S. federal income tax purposes, Newcastle intends to report its distribution of shares of New Residential common stock (the “Distributed Shares”) as a distribution with a fair market value of $6.89 per share. For U.S. federal income tax purposes, this amount will also be Record Holders’ adjusted basis in each Distributed Share.
      Impact of Distribution on Newcastle Stockholders
      For U.S. federal income tax purposes, Newcastle’s distributions (including cash dividends and stock distributions, which include the Distributed Shares) in any year are treated as ordinary taxable dividends to the extent of its earnings and profits (“E&P”). The distribution of the Distributed Shares creates E&P for 2013 equal to approximately $2.40 per share, which is equal to the fair market value of the Distributed Shares ($6.89 per share) less Newcastle’s tax basis in New Residential’s assets ($4.49 per share).
      The taxability of the Distributed Shares will be determined in the context of all Newcastle E&P and distributions, which will not be known until early 2014. However, solely for illustration purposes, if the taxability of the Distributed Shares was determined on a standalone basis, the following treatment would apply:
      $2.40 per share would be ordinary taxable income
      The lesser of $4.49 and the Record Holder’s tax basis in their Newcastle shares would be a non-taxable return of capital
      If $4.49 exceeds a Record Holder’s tax basis in their Newcastle common stock, the excess will generally be treated as capital gain.
      Please note that the taxability of Distributed Shares will not be determined on a standalone basis. The above illustration only reflects the E&P generated by the distribution of the Distributed Shares. Newcastle’s E&P for the year will depend on Newcastle’s other activity for the year, which may increase or decrease the taxable and non-taxable amount of the Distributed Shares.

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