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  • missionary168 missionary168 Jan 24, 2012 7:30 PM Flag

    UWBK filed lawsuit against Bank of America

    Anyone copy my post to I-hub , thanks:

    May 14th, 2010 UWBK filed lawsuit against Bank of America, Countryside : over one year and settlement may come out soon!
    UWBK must get $$$$ from Bank of America! If UWBK get $$$ from Bank of America, UWBK pps triple up !!!

    United Western Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: UWBK) (the "Company") announced that United Western Bank, the federal savings bank subsidiary (the "Bank") of the Company, filed a lawsuit in the Second Judicial District in the City and County of Denver, Colorado for losses the Bank incurred relating to six private label mortgaged-backed securities (the "MBS") that the Bank purchased from Countrywide Financial Corporation and various of its subsidiaries listed in the complaint (collectively referred to herein as "Countrywide") in an aggregate original principal amount of approximately $108 million. In addition to Countrywide, the defendants in this proceeding include Bank of America Corporation,.......................

    But most of important is: UWBK regain ownership of Bank from OTS & FDIC.............Good news coming out, pps must be pop & run up to $4/pps

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    • Please check MSVP.PK
      The shareholders are the "company"

      FDIC settlement $276 million minus legal fee all going to shareholders:

      MSVP(PSFS) pps $0.04/pps after FDIC seizure
      Today $4.3/pps for common shareholders

      Tell me please: Who is the company ???

      Yes, I am an "idiot" & "fool" in this world like I described myself......but I am the "good kid", "valuable Dimond" in LORD's eyes !!!

      When you "smart guys" see $4---$10/pps for UWBK on the screen in the near future......and then called me "idiot" again please !!!

      Mesa/ missionary


    • UWBK= $4---$10/pps
      I pump UWBK

      Yes, don't listen to me!

      Please strong "dump" your holding ,please!


      you are very funny!



      Sorry try again, uwbk wouldn't even have any records to give a lwayer to sue over something prior to the siezure, the fdic seized everything.

      • 1 Reply to longhorn4lif
      • Like I said: FDIC did not seized UWBK "everything"!

        1)UWBK holding company still owns $30 million assets.
        2)UWBK still owns Holding company and 3 non-banking business.
        3)UWBK still owns some prperties.

        I know: after regain the ownership, Bank of America settlement $$$$$$$ will come to UWBK !

        remind you again: FDIC did not seized UWBK everything:
        Please check OTC BB King post in I-hub: confirmed the UWBK assets that included what Guy A. Gibson talk to media: UWBK still owns "something"!!!

        Where the Bank of America settlement $$$$ will go?
        Time will tell you the true!!!

        Right now, the most important thing:

        1)remove the FDIC as receiver of UWBK from the court house.


        2)FDIC(OCC) throw out the settlement deal for OTS wrongly seized UWBK !

        We are waiting for the result comes out!!!!
        And then, we discuss about the BOA settlement!!!


    • I was limited one post a day in I-hub!!!

      So.....copy my post to I-Hub plz....

      I try to answer Mr. Longhorn4lif question!!!!