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  • kokohapmton kokohapmton Sep 19, 2005 12:51 AM Flag

    To RRB1981

    Could you do your fancy math for a high-end scenario, where the North Tex pipeline gets the capacity increase and operates at full (enlarged) capacity, and the EP acquisition assets are ramped up, and the Louisiana project is enlarged also and operates at 100% capacity?

    I'm interested if you can come up with $5/share dividends.

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    • I have run the numbers and I have also refined my modeling spreadsheet. I need more information to fine-tune it, for example, the North Texas Barnett Shale line is projected at 17.5 million at 80% capacity. Should I assume a linear increase to 100%? What about the ficed cost ratio? Expansion of it at 15 million should add 17.5 more million in cash flow. I have the numbers crunched at home, will try to post tonight in a detailed email. I can make a good case for a $5.00/share dividend. It might be end of 2007, but when you stack all of the projects and expansions on top of each other, it is possible. XTXI now my largest single holding.

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      • Great minds think alike.

        Its my largest position also, and yes, I do sleep well at night.

        I think they said $15m of additional cost to build out the capacity of the Barnett Shale pipleline, do you remember anything along those lines? I also think I remember them saying that the indications they are getting from customers leads them to think they will end up doing just that eventually.