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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Dec 21, 2005 10:23 PM Flag

    Off the subject

    Ok, off the subject somewhat, but has anyone been noticing the drop at MWE? I know all of the MLP's have been taking it on the chin, but seems rather abnormal declines at MWE lately. I would have expected more discussion perhaps on the MWP board but most their have ownership in just the GP. I know of no reason for the larger than normal drop. For those that invest in the MLP's and not the GP's, I could make a very interesting value proposition for it. I think, the best deal of all of them is TCLp because its debt to cap is 7% and shows that management is ultra conservative, that and SG&A is low due to the minority partner status of their investments. I keep thinking that TCLP management is going to buy out the GP from TRP. TRP has already sold most of the TCLP common units it owns. I suspect management will eventually buy the GP from TRP and then use the spotless balance sheet to make seveal large acquisitions to drive the growth of the IDR's and make back their investment. Should be a profitable ride for the unitholders. Just doesn't seem like TRP has any interest in dropping assets down into its LP, so I wonder why they hold onto it.