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  • joewxman1959 joewxman1959 Apr 26, 2006 3:20 PM Flag

    what a mess


    went from being +1 and change to nearly down 1 in a matter of 25 minutes. Makes your stomach turn

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    • Yea, its really volatile right now. Its more annoying than anything to see it fluctuate in price so much on such low volume. This isn't one of those sub 50 million market cap energy companies that so often get manipulated. XTXI is nearly a 1 billion dollar market cap company, a company with 0 debt (disregard yahoo key statistics which consolidates XTEX), 10 million XTEX LP units, and last, but certainly not least, the incentive distribution rights. I can understand it falling from its recent high, but to see it swing so much intraday is strange. Are the buyers and sellers that skittish? I continue to hold mine because we know they are aiming for close to a $3.00 dividend by year end and a $3.60 dividend by 3Q 2007. That, as I have mentioned before, comes out to a .05/Q average increase from here on out. That kind of solid growth looks good to me.