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  • I hope you are correct.

    We know that they have projected a $3.60/share annualized dividend by 3Q 2007. That means they increase the dividend by $1.20 over the next 6 Q's. That means an increase, on average, of .05/Q on the XTXI dividend. They mentioned that the Chief deal would add $2.00 to the dividend starting 2 years after the close, over 1 years time. So if the deal closes on June 29, 2006, then the increase would start in the 3Q of 2008 and continue till the 3Q 2009. That is the way I understood it explained on the conference call (i.e. the $2.00 increase would be spread out over 4 Q's). That puts us at $5.60/share. Now, that doesn't take into account any growth from 3Q 07 till 3Q 08 (when the Chief cash starts coming in). It also does not take into account any further growth in Chief assets which they expect will be tremendous.