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  • americanobeer americanobeer Jan 26, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

    Crosstex Energy Going to Soar News Out EOD


    REFINS ''''''''''' get ready to ride tomorrow XTXI XTEX

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    • "And what if he is wright? Just because it didn't run over 8 today does not mean it can't tomorrow"

      You don't make predictions out of thin air, and then if it *eventually* reaches that point in a few days, week, month, etc. claim you were right all along. LOL


    • Great reply Guintogg. It is always okay to take a negative view, but to do so with the venom of a krait is not called for.

      Now, I got see if my old sock can hold some XTXI.

    • yeah, Amer you totally were wrong on that one.
      Stop with the constant b.s. pumping. XTXI is good enough on its own. It doesn't need fake pumped predictions out of thin air.

    • fool.
      keep making stupid predictions and keep being proved wrong.

    • "I think we are in the 8- 8.60 range end of day given 2 points up on the dow."

      $8 to $8.60 by end of day? No way.
      $7.71 sounds about right.

    • Check the exhibit 99.4 of the second 8K today:

      New Credit Facility. We are amending and restating our existing secured bank credit facility with the new credit facility, which will be guaranteed by substantially all of our subsidiaries. We expect the size of the new credit facility to be up to $450.0 million, and the maturity date of the new credit facility will be four years after the closing date of the new credit facility. Obligations under the new credit facility will be secured by first priority liens on substantially all of our assets and those of the guarantors, including all material pipeline, gas gathering and processing assets, all material working capital assets and a pledge of all of our equity interests in substantially all of our subsidiaries. Under the new credit facility, borrowings will bear interest at our option at the British Bankers Association LIBOR Rate plus an applicable margin, or the highest of the Federal Funds Rate plus 0.50%, the 30-day Eurodollar Rate plus 1.0%, or the administrative agent’s prime rate, in each case plus an applicable margin. We will pay a per annum fee on all letters of credit issued under the new credit facility, and we will pay a commitment fee of 0.50% per annum on the unused availability under the new credit facility. The letter of credit fee and the applicable margins for our interest rate vary quarterly based on our leverage ratio.