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  • lner2512 lner2512 Feb 11, 2010 2:29 AM Flag

    Natural-Gas ‘Pipe Dream’ Won’t Cut Glut Weighing on U.S. Price

    Of course, lower gas prices could also mean higher sales quantities and more gas in the pipes.

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    • The reason it needs to be kept around 5 bucks is so congress will pass legislation to adopt it as a long term or "gap" fuel for any transission from traditional sources of carbon fuel. We can't be using a fuel that costs more than what we're currently using so it makes sense that NG remains a cheap alternative. I for one want NG in my home (NG electricity stations..)and vehicle and anywhere else I can use it, but I don't want to pay through the nose for it. We will need all the production we can get for those targets to be met and as long as the gas is moving and being consumed even at 5 bucks, most if not all NG stocks will do well. There's a bigger picture out there than just 4 or 5 dollar NG.....