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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jun 17, 2010 1:07 PM Flag

    Why has spread between XTEX and XTXI grown in past month?

    You obsess way too much over daily price movements. If you look at any reasonable timeframe you can see that they do in fact move in the same direction. Here...;range=1y;compare=xtxi;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

    Only XTEX is outperforming over the last year. And that is not manipulation, it is entirely logical. Last year I was predicting exactly this on this board (under id lisahuang54321) based on essentially the same argument I made above in this thread. At the time I was ridiculed and called an XTXI basher/short. Of course, I wasn't an XTXI basher, simply pointing out very logical reasons why XTEX would outperform for the next couple of years and I have been proven 100% correct. Other people were saying that XTXI would very soon catch up with XTEX simply because it always had over the previous year (a time during which neither were paying distributions).

    I bought XTEX a year ago based on this analysis (I never held XTXI) and my gains have been greater than if I had bought XTXI, and furthermore I will enjoy larger and tax advantaged distributions.

    But for people like you who bet on the wrong horse, you won't admit that your analysis was faulty, rather it is all a conspiracy and manipulation. You need to take responsibility for your own decisions rather than blaming others.

    As for reporting to the SEC, good luck with that. Some stocks went down to .01c during the flash crash and they can't even find the root cause for that. You expect them to be concerned about 1% deviations between XTEX and XTXI? Don't waste your time.

    Final comment: all your assertions imply you believe in the efficient market theory. It should be obvious to anyone by now that the market is not efficient. Even if you were correct that XTEX and XTXI should move in absolute lockstep all the time, that doesn't mean it will happen. The holders of XTEX are not necessarily the same people as the holders of XTXI and I am proof of that since I prefer to hold XTEX. Other investors may not want to deal with K-1 reporting so they hold XTXI only. We are different holders and will not make the same buy and sell decisions all the time at the same time. I bought some more XTEX a few weeks ago when they were crashing. But I didn't buy any XTXI, does that make me a manipulator because I put buying pressure on XTEX but not on XTXI?

    Conspiracy theory nutcase.