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  • radonezh radonezh Aug 9, 2006 3:29 PM Flag

    The House of Pain!

    Might go to mid 20s this time...

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    • You asked for it, again�.
      The House of Pain! (Not rated)
      31 minutes ago Might go to mid 20s this time...

      Sentiment : Strong Sell
      Glad to be out of it
      by: radonezh
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 06/30/06 10:00 pm
      Msg: 10829 of 10934

      Crazy volatility! Glad to have sold it at the right time. MTL is much more stable. Will return to MT in a year or so after the dust has settled.
      Re: MTL Rules! (Not rated)
      7-Jul-06 05:58 am So how did you fare, once you got out of you're hated MT?

      MTL Rules! (Not rated)
      29-Jun-06 01:44 am At these levels this stock is a steal! I keep buying 100 shares every day since Mon. I'll stop, once I have 2,000. I hate to buy all my shares at once, got burned before...

      Why I love MTL? Read the Russian press - Severstal is coming after it, that's why!!

      Sentiment : Strong Buy
      So how smart are you??

      So after you quitted MT with a loss, Your first entry in mtl was on Monday 3 July, of course, at the lowest point on that day $ 22.37, finally today after adding 19 more buys, you are finally above your initial entry, poo, poo?

      MT 3 July lowest point MT $ 29.81 MT now $ 32.4

      What was that you wanted to tell us?

      Btw did your mother change your diapers already after you shat them with MT?

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