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  • eric_da_redd eric_da_redd Nov 14, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    By the measure of change in shareholder value ....

    ... there has rarely been one as bad as Pics' butt-buddy!

    $150 invested in WFII/KTOS when Eric assumed his throne would barely buy you a Starbuck's Mocha Frappachino!

    Go ahead, Pics - twist THAT! (ha,ha,ha)

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • edr/pb/MR KING TWISTER , Twister this ollowing is not aISTEr however it really shames your twisted post , heres REALITY. (10 of the Military pPrime Contractors that we compare how a variable group of Government Contractors are doing in this Military Cliff Hanger and other areas of Military Interest including this years Budget automatic cuts by January 1st if not resolved by then it becomes a dilima and maybe even a disaster. So lets see if it can be some how resolved. Today 9 corporations were in the RED ZONEand 1 Corporation was in the GREEN, That being KRATOS up 0.92%, Cub-1.05%, Drco-1.10%,Sai-0.99%,Hrs-2.25%,Lmt2.30%,Rtn=2.47%,Gd-2.43%,Noc-2.72%,Ba-2.82%. This brings us the abality to rewiew the concern that so many of the very large Military contractors that are Prime Contractoers must have . Most of them are very capable to make inquiries to KRATOS in seeing if sections of KRATOS could be traded , merged or Bought and should this become KNOWN it just could open up a very interesting bidding for divisions of Kratos or a total Merger Buy out , They got the money and KRATOS in the HOT SEAT WHERE GOVERNMENT MONEY IS NOW BEING PROPOSED TO BE SPENT FOR STORM SANDY on east coast SANDY STORM and let us not forget that there is a lot of money going into DRONE DEVELOPTMENT and also opening up JET PROPULSON DRONE COMPOSITE industry KRATOS IS THERE BIG TIME and SPACE X is now active cargo retruver and KRATOS has command and control propulson systems rocket systems and Satellites being increased around the world and Military is co sponsering and as a result gets certain loads to be included on launches of all satellites by United States and Forign countrys that are our allies also get assistance command an control and launch and landings, on an on we could go , Money not a problem if Your merchandise is required and needed it just becomes solved no more need be said or . Just a note from Picsantee, Pics. Lets duplicate this for the rest of this week and close real big on FRIDAY with lots of Volume and up a bit. Pics.

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    • edr/pb/KING TWISTER, Not to get funny however in these trying times why not get hilarious, The past , present an future is now where were at, GOT It?????, Wfii was past and similar to wearing outfits that every one else wore so as not to be out of place present is wear whatever you care to wear , and future we just might not have any clothes onour back , The point being Things are always changing,.Kratos has come a very long way and now has an opportunity to accomplish a lot , they have built many expandiable divisions into the BASE STRUCTURE and can Splinter off severall of these should it become profitableto do so and that would benefit mergers or buy outs of certain sections of KRATOS or just keep on getting BIGGER Yearly. Ther has been a lot of re constration of leadership from all of these past acquisitions that now allows a tremendious GROWTH POSSIBILITY , in fact several of there {Platforms and Arenas are now SOLE SOURCE as well as being the MASS SUPPLYER of SEVERAL VERY NEEDED PRODUCTS by so many of the very large military contractors here in the United States as well as so many of our ALLIES across the World including Canada and Australia and Yes Israel. When Knowledgiable review Kratos and wake up to the multi facts of supplyer, builder, manager and has all of the necessary top clearence level personel to be able to get the jobs compleated there stunned so wake KRATOS IS HERE AND HAS MONEY AVAILABLE AND IS LIKED BY THE GOVERNMENT as well as the Lenders . Just a note from Picsantee, pics Dont Worry , just come along for a interesting JOURNEY , Todays market down over 180 points and KRATOS WAS UP and took TOPERCENTAGE GAINER FOR THE DAY , I will post again later when I get all ten corporations updated for the day Pics.

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