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  • picsantee50 picsantee50 Feb 1, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    10 general prime military contractors used for comparisons close on january 2nd Wed ,untill 31 Thurs,2013.close.

    Toppercentage Gainer with the most wins for january is DRCO with 6 Wins, GD 4 wins, KTOS 3 WINS, SAI 3 WINS, BA 2 WINS, CUB 1 WIN, LMT 1 WIN, HRS 1 WIN, NOC 0 WINS, RTN 0 WINS. tracking was based on the highest Percentage Gains for a days trading , and the winner for that trading day. The following share prices are from WedJan2nd close till Jan 31 Thurs.. There were only 2 Gainers for this period DRCO +0.95 cents, SAI +0.64 cents, The next 8 companys were all negative LOSS in the red zone.NOC--15.49 ,LMT--6.40, GD--4.91, HRS--4.01 ,RTN--3.94, BA --3.60, CUB --1.14, KTOS--0.58cents. Yesterdays close out was rather difficult , However Today February 1st a Friday it was Outstanding KRATOS STARTED WITH a resounding Recovery and Finished the DAY with a Win ,Top Percentage Gainer at 4.5 3 +0.12+2.72% GAIN. Thats what I call getting up off the floor and coming back and be the WINNER for today and if today is an insight just might see KRATOS being the top percentage Gainer for the month, just see what transpire. But so glad to see this great recovery. Would just like to say a few words that I use in my viewing, KRATOS is a remarkable opportunity and has materalized into a complete company with all of there many Divisions and now become very organized and the results should begin showing the overall DEPTH of there multyDIVISIONS with the best MGRS that assist in bringing Solutions to this Government INDUSTRY and they are very respected . It shows to methey are on the correct TRACK. I consider some problems but they are not due to the efforts of those that head and direct KRATOS they are due to the World troubles on managing difficulties and are impacting this whole group of ten contractors and many others. But I believe that KRATOS as a SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT BRINGS A SORT OF LEVERAGE OF GETTING AT VERY REASONABLE COSTS and should these troubles be resolved on Budget issues and protective solutions for the homeland become funded KRATOS shoyld increas in SHARE VALUE. Call this what you want but DONT PUT THE BLAME ON THIS CURRENT MGMT , THEY ARE AND HAVE FOUGHT A VERY GREAT ROYAL BATTLE TO CONTINUE EXPANSION and are and have been ATTRACTING THE BEST OUT THERE TO CO AND JOIN UP WITH KRATOS , and now have a UNITED FRONT . PICS.

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    • ==Top percentage Gainer with the most wins for january is DRCO with 6 Wins, GD 4 wins, KTOS 3 wins==

      Do the 3 "wins" cancel out their worst-of-the-pack 6 LAST PLACE finishes and a 10% LOSS of bagholder value?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to ebit_duh_marco
      • Yes, What it accomplishes is the Military Funding continues to like whatever KRATOS is DOING, remember that this past week there was another 2 days that Kratos was less than o.o5% from being in first place , but you know the story of ifs . I would say that this month of February expect KRATOS to be showing there best sideand just MAYBE some company gets attracted to the BIG POTENTIAL and has lots of cash and WGHO would be very VALUABLE for there collapsing area of military future spending and see that KRATOS is very much involved into all of the MUTUAL VERSIONS OF THE COMPOSIT JET PROPULSON DRONES FUTURE PROGRAMS, remember that BA is also very BIG and is involved with KRATOS in SATELLITE Communications in outer Space and COMMAND AND CONTROL. Yes IM optomisticand that is due to KRATOS being into so many HOT DESIRED NEEDED PLATFORMS and has a roll as a PROVIDER, Seller, MFG, amd Installer and has VERY LARGE EMPLOYEE GROUP THAT ARE VERY HIGH TOP LEVELS IN SECURITY and all of these GUYS are hard to even find Qualified and ready to change from the outstanding WAGES THAT THEY NOW ARE RECEIVING , SO YOU want to get VALUE YOU MUST BUY THE WHOLE COMPANY or form a EXTENSION MERGERagreement , I say things are looking up and when the PRESSURE BUILDS KRATOS EXCELLS , be soon seeing a lot of very interesting Solutions coming up. Just a note from picsantee, Pics.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Pics I am wishful, (BTW that and hoping are NOT good investment models ) that your posts come true. Right now the divergence between the equity markets direction and KTOS are unpleasant. Frame that with the chart of KTOS since 2003 and anyone could understand the criticism of management. EDM historically, has for all intensive purposes slaughtered it's investors. BUT if EDM's idea of his company has come to fruition I am on board for what should be a ascending chart. I do believe that given the "tragedy" that is KTOS' chart, it will take some convincing before the market believes our optimism, (ignorance?). We will need to hear some blow out numbers for a while before the transformation of KTOS chart can be reversed. Lots of skeptics out there regarding EDM and KTOS for now.

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