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  • picsantee50 picsantee50 Feb 10, 2013 5:46 PM Flag


    Sunday Feb 10,2013. EYE IN THE SKY Source san diego Union Tribune By Gregory J Ahernand KEVIN KEENAN section Opinion Page B 5. Full page articles . Today also on MEET THE PRESS DRONES were the subject. anybody get to see it early am???? NOW let KRATOS be seen as being in the right spot at the right time. What public sounding board on all of the issues on DRONES. Myself I like all of this mrdia massive attention Drones are right now getting. Command and control systems that are now currently involved in the airwaves are even conducting meetings next week on these airwave systems and the rules for air usage, KRATOS is one of the most Knowledgiable informed companys out there and have been very deepley involved in this COMMAND AND CONTROL and has established very STRONG Acquisitions in this related field and they are veery deep in Launches and Communications with launches of outer Space and attack Radar systems detecting Missile attacks and survalence Data from Many AIR SEA AND OPUTER SPACE AND REGULAR SATELLITE MONITERING PLATFORMS that are all deepley involved at LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLDIntegral Systems and HERLEY and several others that have come aboard the KRATOS UNITED WE STAND PROGRAMS and know have the necessary Top Clearence Level to be able to go on to Top Clearence Level Military Bases as Direct Representatives of KRATOS showing and instructing the multi usage of this updated ultra modern equiptment. Little by little the KRATOS NAME is getting the Reputation of the go to company for what your in need of, as Kratos Builds it , Manages it and Supervises it and Repairs it and Services it and Supp;ys it and MFG it.. I really dont yet know how fast Kratos could gain upward momentum , But this much information and the direct MEDIA RESPONSE is going to cause something that should cause a stir and make SPECULATIVE INVESTORS TAKE A REAL DEEP LOOK AT THIS SHARE PRICE RIGHT NOW OF KRATOS and then say this looks like a lot will be going HERE . I recall prior incidents that really made a stock go up very QUICK and actually was one of the reasons it received such a good price per share TTN , Thats right KRATOS right now has one of the past KEY PLAYERS of TTN his name is ERIC DEMARCo also his Vice President DeANNA LUND of previous I think was also from TTN and a few other people from TTN are now at KRATOS , that incident was the TERRIBLE SCARE OF ANTHRAX, TTN Got the necessary machinery in place and got the MAIL back on track , Yes give ERIC DEMARCO credit for coming to the rescue. What IM saying is that this CURRENT LEADERSHIP at KRATOS is very capable to BRING KRATOS up AGAIN , just a matter of WHEN IT WILL AGAIN BEGIN , the way things are changing out there anyday now something very favorable could take place, they are known as the company that can get things accomplished, See all of you friends this week on these open boards. Just a note from picsantee, PICS.

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    • ==this looks like a lot will be going HERE==

      This issue is who is NOT going - that is, your butt-buddy, DUH'Marco, destroyer of bagholder value. Can you say NINETY SEVEN percent? (snicker)

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    • Do you think this company has a chance of getting bought out by let s say LMT or BA. Personally I think the federal government is a contender in this respect but the limitation of that argument is that KTOS does business internationally. The point is, God willing, it looks like this stock has bottomed out. This share price is unacceptable.

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      • ==Do you think this company has a chance of getting bought out by let s say LMT or BA.==


        ==Personally I think the federal government is a contender in this respect==

        This is just a suggestion but if you're going to join the buyout PUMP, wouldn't it be better to try something credible. In this country, the government doesn't privatize #$%$ companies to save the bagholders' bacon.

      • If the Pope can resign rather than expire in order to pave the way for new management then Mr Demarco and his underachiving KTOS can bottom and rise like a phoenix. I also think that the fear for longer term shareholders is that some company that desires a toe in what KTOS has might try a hostile buyout before it's redemption, (and stock price) can recover. I'm wishing for a full redemption for long suffering holders though. BTW another contract announcement at 7am.

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