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  • wt.heck wt.heck Sep 29, 2010 4:48 PM Flag

    Head and Shoulder Formation

    Be careful, especially with WLT pre-announcing lower earnings a few weeks, back. There was a one day reaction of -6% and then market blew it off with this fed led rally.

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    • They did not announce anything about earnings. It was about production for Q3. The stock is telling you there is going to be no problem with earnings which is pretty obvious since met coal prices are still very firm. Also in Q3 cash flow will not be impacted by gas business purchase like last Q so they should generate a lot of free cash flow.

      I see strong uptrend since Jul low (higher highs, higher lows) and strong volume on highs and weak volumen on lows. Today's close was a bit disappointing.

    • still here foxy. and i did not pump. i still went on the record that i bought a position in the $73 range. unlike, i did it in real-time and not after the fact. you know what's funny to me????? how someone(foxy) be sooo accurate on exact highs and lows everytime, everyday, yet be soooo wrong on a major and obvious trend. huh?????? makes one wonder. but you always post real-time (wink wink) so we are most certain your posts are truthful.

    • i meant in general gorgeous

    • No, which is why I shorted just a little and have just added to it at 83.67. It's still not as big a position as I hope to have before this starts down. This will go below 80 again, just as it did after I held my over 80 shares short until the dip below 79. WLT will drop as soon as the dollar bounces even a bit. This is not a play that's negative on coal as much as it's a play on the dollar being oversold. The S & P is up at the moment, but it won't be up later this week, IMHO, even if it goes up from here today.

      Please disclose your position, if you have one.

    • i am long. when i stop being long i'll let you know. what happened to ALL the shares you DID NOT cover at 79.remember??? you were shouting how that was just the beginning. i trust you covered those at the low too?

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