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  • nazbear88 nazbear88 Jan 19, 2011 7:51 PM Flag

    nazbear ; Cramer just cost wlt about 3 or 4 pts tomorrow

    "not for 24 yr old rookies that don't think there is any market manipulation going on." ... i'm assuming that comment was meant for me. a few things. boy o boy do i wish i was 24. to be that age and have the wisdom and money i have right now..... couldn't even fathom the posibilities. another thing would be, and well, don't take this the wrong way but what can someone who thinks losing $1,000 is a big deal. or playing a $20 stock with only 25 options. come on now guys. be serious. FD me taking some smack to you guys doesn't mean i think wlt bottomed this very penny. i always said i thought it would not go sub $120. if it does, i guess i'll just be wrong. regardless, wlt has maybe, MAYBE $5-$15 downside and at least about $55 upside. if not $75+

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    • I just hope that when u make these choices, u know, like picking your spots on WLT, that u at least use the MAs as like a reference point.

      NOT that they are gospel, they are not support and resistance. They are like reference points, because the major institutions use them allll the time.

      I do know this about WLT, heavy volume days, in the long run, were rewarded.

      I am still young as well. I make mistakes, WLT is my mistake of the month.But now, you change your plans

      And I disagree with Cramer that the waters are receding and prices are going down. But, only one of us will be right.

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