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  • blackboxfund blackboxfund Jun 25, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

    Yes, picker, soon we will see if 10 million more are now short...!

    I can see the number going from 20 to 30 million now short in the last 2 weeks.....Unlikely maybe, but HFT computers and real buying in a downtrend from the few bargain hunting funds, don't mix well !

    As you have suggested, it must be some buy and hold money somewhere on or offshore if any accumulation is really happening!

    A group like Buffet could do a convertible preferred financing and own the company and the assets, if they wanted a ten bagger.

    Real people do not make any investment decisions anymore, the computers do everything now, unless there is a M&A or some other good news like happened today to turn the WLT intraday trend from down to up... OR the posted Met Coal pricing snail crawls higher...or one of the lemming analysts decides not to jump over the Walter is worthless cliff, with the rest of their peers, etc.

    Do not forget to add in the overwhelming problem of the criminal naked SHORTS from the offshore Hedge Funds. They have relatively Unlimited selling power ....until their worm turns into a huge losss for them in the global coal sector !

    I look for QE out of CHINA soon... and more Chinese bridges to nowhere and Met Coal going up big time.
    We will see...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • BlackBox,

      I think NS plays a role in putting downward pressure on an intra-day basis on a thinly traded stock, but when bigger volumes come in to play... it becomes hard to manipulate. All you need to 2 MM to go against each other. But, there always seem to be an endless supply of shares for a company with just 62 M float.

      I'm not so sure about QE from China, they are still reeling from the first one.

      Only way for WLT to move up rapidly when BIG money is short is have BIGGER money to go long.

    • There is no other option here if you want to make money other than to short. This company is MEGA #$%$!. They are done, they lost big time to BHP, and on top of that insiders are saying that dividends will be cut. Unbelievable, the perfect short. You cant loose here. Might as well catch some of those millions that are vanishing from their market cap.

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      • Do you really think shorting is easy? on the contrary being long is easy and easy $$$$ too. That is why any dumb fund can make money on the long side... the shorts are always smarter and do their due diligence. Why do they squeezed? Same reason... Greed, Jumped in too late or some novice shorts that had no business shorting stocks. How do I know? I've made $$$ being Long & Short.

        If you really have any BALZZ, go ahead short WLT @ these levels and ride it down to your $5 target. If not, just #$%$ and stop spamming the board...LOL

      • billy i am sorry for you bro... you are in a world of hurt.. you shorted yesterday at the lows. and you are going to take it up the pants when the don't cut the dividend and the industry fundamentals improve. did you also decide to short fslr at 12 and sunpower at 3. hehe

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