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  • picker.bottom picker.bottom Jul 21, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Hey OnePoint

    So I guess our debates on the SKUL board finally lured you in... Are you going short on Monday @ $14? Please do let us know :)

    read... some of your posts on WLT. Boy! You gotta a lot of learning to do on Coal Industry, MET coal in specific, WLT financials, reasons for current PPS, BOD, Institutional ownership & implications etc...etc...

    Also, really depends on what your goal is.. make pennies or big dollars. can you play WLT from the short side? of course! If you're nimble enough on a Intra-day basis, not sure if you want to go short in to close everyday and wake up to big losses. With that being said, Earnings/management can make/break this stock in the next 2 weeks... Question is which is more likely to happen? Place your bets now, cuz WLT is not staying here, Either $10/lower or $18-$20/Higher by Aug 2nd, 2013.

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    • Maybe I have a lot to learn about coal but I'm one heck of a market timer. You know me Picker, I don't need to know all that stuff about the company and their financials, it's really not that important.. I mainly concern myself with the price and volume action of the stock itself. You should also know by now that I don't generally, as a rule, hold over earnings announcements. So, I don't really care what happens with earnings or management. I'll play the stock both ways except that if it ever shows a sign of strength then I may buy and hold some.

      Am I going to short it Monday? If it opens lower then I'll probably jump on it right away since Friday was a failure at the June 18th swing which was the first reaction high following a significant selloff. Otherwise I'll wait and see how it does at the daily pivot price, $13.86. Or if it spikes $14.02 on lower than 1.6M shares on a 10-minute basis, I'll probably have to sell it. So yeah, I probably will.

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      • "You know me Picker, I don't need to know all that stuff about the company and their financials, it's really not that important."

        WLT is a lot more volatile... You can put this under the TSLA, GMCR, FSLR category where Longs/Shorts can get burnt easily. Like I said before, A PR can move this 20% on either side, Just have to recognize which side of the trade is too crowded.

        On a bad tape or some negative outlook on coal, this can test 12.70-13, but prob. will take a stab at the 50 dma first. Just make note that stocks that feel fast and hard also reverse likewise (Of course SKUL is an exception..LOL)

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