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  • yannismail24 yannismail24 Feb 1, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

    Clearly the company has value! What I dont understand...

    is why doesn't a big company buy it out at this crazy low price. 55billion in proven reserves is a no-brainer! i.e they can buy it out, shut all the operations down, or reduce them to a bare minimum, for two years and then when price recovers return to normal operations and at least triple their investment!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • because companies are like investors they buy high and sell low. Look at google they paid $12 billion and half for Motorola and what did they sell it for about $31/2 billion. very few purchases are done at the right time. Exception Utube.

    • They prefer to hire a "Spin Doctor" and keep their fat paychecks. This is an insult to all investors.

    • The shorts are in such control of this company.... They are betting that mgt cannot work through the upcoming issues: convenant issues with debt & leverage ratio's in june 2014, debt in 2015, low met prices....

      In their Conference calls, they were asked about sale of assets to help with debt or JV. THey put a 9 month target date... But clearly they should have been working on it in Q3 2013 to have it done by Q4 2013. At that time, the S&P rating services had upgraded the coal market to stable in August and Met coal had prices were trending from lows of $132 up to $152.

      Now, they are dealing with declines in met prices, the Fed Reserve pulling back on QE, China trying to slow growth.....

      THey kept saying in the calls that they were working on it..... Well... hope they solidified a deal... the market conditions are deteroriating again.

      The company has some value but they need to make money. They keep trying to push it off and hope met prices turn... They do not have much time bc deadlines are nearing. The shorts smell that and have pounded the stock hard again. Short interest is up to 39%,

      With the market environment so difficult, they should have sold the company months ago......

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      • PRECISELY.
        If the executives give us a "pablum' report without any substantial progress (ie; asset sale done / termination and replacement of key positions), I think it is time to file personal lawsuits against specific people (starting with Scheller) for negligence in the use of our money.
        Sitting around waiting for the met price to increase is not only showing incompetence, but is not pro-active and will almost guarantee failure in the next 12-18 months.

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