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  • kcmalibu5457 kcmalibu5457 Feb 22, 2014 12:10 AM Flag

    Yesterday and todays insider buys and sells

    I can't believe no one is talking about all the insider buys the last couple of days. First, these are the buys from 2/20/2014. All officers purchased these shares at 10.91 a share. Earl Doppelt 20,689 shares, Walter J Sheller 75,160 shares, Daniel Cartwright 15,880 shares, Richard Allen Donelly 15,804 shares, Micheal T Madden 18,232 shares, Robert P Kerley 6,257 shares, William G Harvey 24,677 shares, Thomas J Lynch 7,986 shares. All these were buys on this past Thursday. There were some meaningless sells today on 2/21/2014. Here are the sells, all with a price of 11.20. Daniel Paul Cartwright 278 shares, Thomas J Lynch 237 shares, Walter J Sheller 1607 shares, Robert P Kerley 216 shares, Micheal T Madden 482 shares. All this Information can be found on WLT's website. Just look for the SEC fillings. Just thought I'd share this info with the board.

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    • You are a full to think these were buys with their own money.. This was free stock options to them that screw shareholders if anything.

    • Great info! However, that was how they all bought between $17-$19 mid 2013 or so - that was just before the price collapsed to $10! History tells us valuable things ... not only in Geology but in the stock market as well.

    • Agree, great to see, however, these are options priced at 10.91 not purchases....but still good and gives incentives to the insiders to move this up....I'm sure very soon, you'll get a carl Ichan or other Hedge activist touting walter to sell or sell parts.....13G's filed in the past 30 days for aci, anr, wlt is many traders lost big on these it's hard to go back to the well wishing.....if someone told me two yrs ago Nat would be over 6.00 , euro over 1.37 and coal pricing moving up....and all 3 of these selling at all time lows...I wouldn't believe it...WLT would be 30 plus...aci over 10, and anr over 15 for's the airline trade right here in front of us...except these assets don't depreciate over time, the will can 't start up a coal mine under a billion with 10 yr epa approvals. It took JRCC 5 yrs to get final approval last summer on expansion of a mine already operating....coal will be the cheapest fossil fuel for electricity for years to come.....I have posted before...if this aint the bottom..then I'm braindead! Good luck longs...just maybe soon we'll see green again.

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