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  • r4r4 r4r4 Sep 12, 2001 9:43 PM Flag


    To whomever posted about Bush (not Shrub) not completing "the ACT" against IRAQ, IMHO there was and still is an excellent reason why he didn't finish the job. If you think about the entire situation in the mideast I think you will come to the same conclusion that Mr. Bush and his awesome staff came to more than 10 years ago. Sadat created and still to some degree creates one of the most natural stalemates in the mideast.

    I think that GWB will act against the terrorists in the same manner that he acted against China. This will be an extremely brutal, swift, and unexpected series of acts and will require a short period of time to gain acceptance from the rest of the world, as he will no doubt polarize many countries who can expect retaliation themselves. Retaliation will be widespread, not localized.

    I also see this particular sect of Muslims to be primarily focused against the Israelis, not against all Christians as they purport. They see the U.S. as Santa Claus, giving Israel $3.5B annually to buy weapons to kill Muslims/Arabs. I think they have targeted the World Trade Center twice because on any given day there is a very large concentration of Jewish people in this very compact and vulnerable heart of America's financial system.

    The horror of this act still hasn't set in. It will set in as the count of souls starts to become beyond mind-boggling and the mini-earthquake created by the collapsing towers causes even more damage to the surrounding area.

    Like all of you, I can't get out of my mind pictures of the horror of those in the planes, those burning and jumping, and those in the collapsing towers. I only hope that when tested I can be as courageous as the one or more souls who fought back on the plane which crashed in PA, and my prayers are with their families. Blood, prayers and support of our President are all most of us can give right now.

    I'm glad the markets remain closed and hope they stay closed for the rest of the week. I also hope that State governments, like my "hick state" government has announced just this morning, severely prosecute those (gas stations come to mind) pathetic creatures who attempt windfall profits from this catastrophe.

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    • On Monday I played golf at the Dunes which is just past Weeki Wachi so I was gone all day. I wanted to watch the market but I knew it would be better if I read about it later. Its very easy for me to get caught up in the action and do something without thinking it through. I do have a situation for the brain trust. I've followed OPTI for as long as I've followed DIOD and made a little money by trading it over the years. Now their making plans to liquidate upon shareholder approval which I think is just a formality. My question, is their some easy money to be made? OPTI has very little debt if any, very low overhead, they have 31 million in cash plus some patents and the stock price is under $3. In August there was a flurry of insider buying. Now for Medved, I have free scottrade and they allow 10 stocks for real time quotes so I'm limited on what I see. Its work well but I can't have the phone ringing and people coming in, you get the idea, as soon as I get into something I'm distracted and you might have guessed I'm easily distracted. While I've been writing it looks like I have nothing but time but 4 people have come in and I've taken 6 phone calls. My grip on anything is weak


    • Gabriella,
      To complete the description you asked about- 6' 2" lt brown hair, 195 lbs, I swim a mile each morning to keep slim and maintain that swimmer's body. Hang out. Don't sell your DIOD now in the bottom of the semicon cycle. It may go down more but will certainly see higher days.


    • I won't wager that Lauden will be alive or dead this time next year. However, he will be in custody and be innefective as will his organization. Personally my $$'s are on him not being alive.


    • Is it a man you want to beg so you will stay? Oh baby, baby, baby please don't go, pretty good huh. I've had way too much experience at begging women. If your R4R4 this is going to be pretty funny to somebody. We don't live too far from each other maybe you could pickup a pizza and come over and see me sometime.

    • Why did we even mention Ladin???? Why let him know that we think he is the prime suspect? We should play everything down, tell the Taliban we made a honest mistake and have them come back into the open. Then we'll wait for their next meeting and drop 1 warhead on their turbins. Boom!!!! Problem solved. Nobody will know where the warhead came from or anything. Just tell them it was a sign from Allah.

    • R4R4, your list of more then possible weapons are at the root of my whole thought process. These Middle East leaders aren't afraid of us or terrorists. I think the Middle East needs a wakeup call. Maybe an envoy from Japan, might be more effective then a delagation from Pakistan. At least let these people know where we are headed.

    • Lots of people sold short on insurance companies last week. Boeing was down heavliy before the disaster. This is sick!!!!! Most people suspect Arabs. They financed this entire operation with our money. And now we're gonna let them make jokes and laugh at us. Only in America.

    • Scotty - I was reading where the Taliban was originally a resistance group from Western Pakistan against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. When the "war" ended and the Russians pulled out, the soon-to-be terrorists found themselves out of work and starving. They turned to terrorism because they had lost both their purpose and their 'paycheck'. Our work is cut out for us. However, as uncertain as we are in these times, imagine how uncertain and downright scared those surrounding the terrorists are. I do like Bush's approach. Like his father, he's been speaking relatively softly so far and not trying to steal the spotlight with rhetoric, allowing our Congress to actually feel like they are a piece of this decision, although he is pretty weak when speaking impromptu. I only think of our options with my very limited background and knowledge. The professionals in this field, like professinals in any field, have resources and intelligence which we can't imagine. Nukes can be packaged pretty small but the scary critters to me are the nerve gases, blood agents and biological agents.

    • going into camps and caves??? What the hell? This makes no sense for a modernized nation. NO GROUND TROOPS. Shut off the borders and lay seige to the damn place before you do that!!!!! We've become so moral that we've tied our own hands behind our backs.

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