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  • jacosa jacosa Feb 8, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    CC Today

    Heads-up beforehand because it's so much fun to listen to Dr Lu and see how badly he rips the analysts, who tend to be unprepared and basically kinda dull. How can it be a battle of wits, when...?

    Seriously, tomorrow's action figures to depend on whether the analysts he catches out are with big or little players (and on how many times he says "profitable growth").

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    • Doesn't seem worth starting a new topic. First the entertainment value: analysts seem to be catching on that they'd better be prepared. At least one seemed to be doing a broken wing act to lead on Dr Lu.

      It clearly wasn't a good quarter, but I really thought (until the stock opened today) that it was "better than you'd expect." This depression won't last forever, and the company seems to be positioning itself to come out well. Other than that, I had the impression that there was a move toward a finer-than-usual breakdown of markets in the discussion, which ought to make future forecasts come out a little closer (that's good for owners; analysts feel better about stocks they guess right about).

    • No mentions of 'profitble growth,' but several rather long explanations of switching between commodity and specialty products to adapt to demand level, which is morally equivalent. No obvious insulting of analysts.

      A first: the analysts got an admission that Diodes was late in recognizing the real economic slowdown of late 2011, and that's a big part of why inventories are now high and recent margins were low. Some clarification on how Chinese wage rate increases have affected Diodes: mostly through workers finding acceptable jobs nearer home during the New Year break.

      It's rather clear that there is a special reason that construction in Chengdu is constrained much less than other capital expenditures--anyone know the story there?

      Interesting that LED lighting wasn't mentioned. Six months ago a fair number of people expected it to be a major theme by now.

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