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  • Go_DIO Go_DIO Apr 28, 2000 1:57 PM Flag

    DIO's Capacity Expansion (Part 2)

    Excluding Rosenbergs severence package in Q1-00
    here's some past history on net profit margins which
    will be used to establish a trend that I'll
    extrapolate into the future to calculate profit and






    For the time being this is my model. I'm allowing for
    modest improvement in margins and an increasing number
    of shares due to stock options. I 'm forecasting Q2
    at .62 and 2000 year end earnings at 2.66. I'm out
    ahead of our analyst on this one. I'll see how I fare
    compared to him over the course of the year. Apply
    whatever P/E you want to these numbers. All I can say is
    it's worth a second mortgage on your house to invest
    in this baby. 2.66 times 25 puts us at $67 by the
    end of year!

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    • Go DIO,

      First of all,I'd like to commend
      you on your contribution,as it involved a lot of
      time.I extrapolated as well,and our figures are
      extremely similar,in fact nearly identical in their
      conclusions.I've been holding since Feb 1,and am extremely
      satisfied with DIO.
      Here's a question for you(or anyone
      else who may be able to shed some light).These
      estimates of forward numbers are based on Diodes-China
      expansion.I'm wondering...Do you know what percentage of DIO's
      revenues come from Diodes China vs Diodes Taiwan? I ask
      this because I'm wondering if our revenue/EPS
      spreadsheets may be failing to include this breakdown in our
      calculations.I'm hoping that someone might have more info than I
      presently do.



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      • vonlumiere,

        Go to Diodes home page on the
        web, proceed to Investor Relations and then look at
        the companies 10K and 10Q. The 1998 10K includes a
        note 11 - Segment Info beginning on page 32 with a
        detailed breakdown of the "Consolidated Sales" between
        Diodes-U.S., Diodes-China and Diodes-Taiwan. I'm not sure I
        totally understand the relationship between them and what
        they mean. However, it would seem to suggest that the
        majority of sales came from Diodes-Taiwan through 1998 by
        an overwhelming amount. I suspect that's changing
        due to the China Expansion that's underway. Anyway
        check it out and tell me what you think.

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