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  • thisonegoeshigher thisonegoeshigher Dec 26, 2000 3:04 PM Flag


    just for the record those who have followed your
    posts have lost a considerable amount of money...had
    those same individuals listened to me when i appeared
    on the board and stated at 17 1/2 that the stock
    would head lower due to tax loss selling and settle in
    the single digits, these individuals would have been
    able to buy twice as more diod...face it fag with all
    your nunmbers you have been dead srong and a diservice
    to this board...hit the road you are truly a
    loser...those who listen to me will make money those who listen
    to you will hear only excuses

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    • I couldn't help but reply to your reply. As
      gragra pointed out, ISSI and TWAV have had better growth
      than DIOD.

      Also, ISSI has a much stronger
      balance sheet and is in a growing industry. That is flash
      memory. Demand still exceeds supply and will for 1-2 more
      years according to AMD and INTC.

      On the other
      hand, the demand for discrete semi-conductors is waning
      and will continue to decline as the cycle nears an

      As for TWAV, that story is just to good to be true.
      I own both ISSI and TWAV and also a pos known as
      VSH. I probably will buy DIOD tomorrow because I
      believe it to be a good growth value buy right

      It's odd, but my highest pe stock is performing the
      best in this bear market. It's AHAA.

    • for setting that record straight. I believe ISSI
      sequential growth from 2nd to 3rd quarter was better than
      DIOD 3rd quarter year to year.

      TWAV's story is
      just to good to be true. Had a great pop today. If
      that 3rd quarter press release is still on the money,
      then TWAV will kill earnings expectations for 2001.

    • Thanks for your inputs. As usual, they are
      greatly appreciated. I will continue to ease out for
      several other reasons related to this transaction which I
      will post on the other board, but I will certainly
      hold onto some if China plays out like I think it will
      (although I have found some other China plays which I think
      have much more potential at current prices). I will be
      interested to see what Joe has to say, if anything, when the
      Pro Forma statements are posted this upcoming Q.

    • My sources seem to feel that discrete products
      are holding up pretty well right now. its analog that
      is getting killed.

      if diodes turns in a
      reasonable q4, I believe we will see the high 20s when the
      economy looks better later this year.

      Like you, I
      am into earnings and I am patience. I don't mind
      begging at the freeway entrance for a while.

    • Graga,
      Good revenue growth with ISSI and TWAV.
      I'm a stogy old earnings kind of guy myself. Looking
      deeper, these two do have impressive recent earnings
      growth. What threw me off at first was my Year over year
      earnings growth test against the most recent

      DIOD has a 238% earnings growth. TWAV and ISSI didn't
      calculate because they had both lost money in the Q ending
      9/99. They look pretty strong right now,

      Being the stogy old earnings kind of guy I am, I'll
      stick with DIOD's 42 consecutive Q's of positive
      earnings (and still counting).

      Again- I am not
      knocking TWAV or ISSI, I'll just hang with DIOD for the
      long term.

      Best of luck,

    • DIOD's PE is certainly more attractive than ISSI
      and TWAV, but take a look at revenue growth

      Quarter 1 year ago revenue change (%)

      TWAV 93.97
      ISSI 149.23

      TTM over TTM revenue
      change (%)

      DIOD 62.99
      TWAV 93.76
      ISSI 70.36

    • ISSI and TWAV look good (similar boat ad

      However, DIOD currently has a more attractive P/E and has
      been growing faster than ISSI and TWAV. I'm certainly
      not taking anything away from them, they are good
      investments. I'll hang with DIOD for now.


    • stockvictor

      Take a look at ISSI and TWAV if you want dead locks.

    • > face it fag ...hit the road you are truly a

      Your thoughts and beliefs are yours. I, my wife, nor
      my children will attempt to sway your

      I think (in the very short term, at least) we are
      in violent agreement that DIOD will do very well. I
      am a long investor that looks for the solid long
      term victors in the world of international commerce. I
      believe DIOD is one such player. I am not a day trader. I
      am just a simple researcher then strong, long
      investor in select equities. I believe DIOD is one of the
      best long term investments an individual can make at
      this time.

      I certainly hope we are both correct
      in the short term. I, however, will remain on the
      long side with my float in a "lock box", until I
      experience the 10X or 100X return I believe this corp. is
      heading towards.

      Best of luck to you this holiday
      season and in your investing


    • Although I was tired when I first read that
      paragraph about a week ago, when I later re-read it I got a
      bit perturbed; I am trying to see the benefit to DIOD
      of an accelerated payoff of FabTech's rather large
      debt to what I perceive as our detriment and Lite-On's
      gain. I still smell something undesirable here; I would
      have rather seen a secured bank loan to pay off the
      FabTech debt; how much of this will be chalked up to
      Goodwill? How do we get the tax benefits of amortizing this
      debt if we pay it off in 15 months (FabTech is a U.S.
      company)? Stay tuned; it should get interesting in about 3

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