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  • brthooper May 24, 2013 12:31 AM Flag

    Hope I didn't miss out!!!

    Call me crazy but...... I have 360,000 shares of GGCO. I had the opportunity to sell all shares and make around $15,000 today. I didn't sell because I really believe this stock will go well beyond the .095 it reached today. The PPS obviously was so insanely erratic because people were selling off shares to take their tempting profit. I was afraid to sell because I can't immediately rebuy when the bottom falls out because I sold 360,000 shares. I'm waiting on the .25 to .50 mark. Then I will sell probably sell half and let the other half ride. I just hope I didn't miss out.

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    • ".....I really believe this stock will go well beyond the .095 it reached today."

      According to the chart, it hasn't traded at $0.095 since September 2012. Are you using the Mayan Calendar?

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      • brthooper Jun 4, 2013 2:51 AM Flag

        It also hasn't had an opportunity like the May 23rd transaction since well before then. Regardless, I still have a $6870 gain on the stock since I bought in February. Why do you have to criticize? You know what? I bet I know why. Your obviously young and don't truly understand the concept of investment opportunity. If you did, you would shut up with the negative assumptions and stick to the facts. No, this is definitely not a guaranteed large profit for anyone. But, neither is any type of stock market investment! Negative, doomsday, nay sayers, like yourself, may possibly be why this stock doesn't get comfortable and maintain a slight weekly growth. Maybe there are potential investors out there that read #$%$ from people like you and decide not to buy shares in GGCO which would add value to ours. My advice to you is this...... If you are so afraid of this stock that you can only post negatives or conspiracy theories, sell now! Get out and let patient investors have the opportunity to watch this company grow without influence from kids like you that love to create some type of drama. How much do you have invested in GGCO? About $400 to $600 if I had to guess. Take your money and run! If you can't be positive about an investment your in then, why stay in it? I don't understand people like you. Obviously, your the type that has to create some type of drama for attention or entertainment because your life is so boring, you have nothing better to do. This message is not only for you but for any others like you. Leave the real investments to the grown-ups. Oh..... and by the way, if you check the May 23rd stock chart, the days high was .095, Genius!!!!!

      • Wasn't this stock as high as 9.80? and you are worried about missing out? UGH!

    • might have to wait it out for a bit. . i beleive it will go up to soon....few weeks to a month.. it should be 15-20 cents.

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