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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jul 27, 2011 6:23 PM Flag

    We Desparately Need Obama to Lead

    Our president was out front in the effort to enact his health care law and the big new taxes required to fund it...

    ... but he isn't proposing anything to attack these deficits and debt ceiling and congress is in total dis-array because of it.

    So far, all he's done is oppose future budget discipline by rejecting a balanced budget amendment and he has steadfastly insisted that whatever is done must fund the government until after the next election...

    ... meaning he doesn't want to deal with fixing the problem anymore... he just wants to campaign.

    How I wish we had a Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan at the helm...

    ... Obama is the worst president our country has ever had!


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    • While I don't like O - bummer - ma, the worst president in US history was W (or at least in modern history)

      You can't tell me that the mess the US is in isn't because of him - an unintelligent, drunk, prone to rash decision fool.

    • possibly "...the worst president we ever had..."

      Obama has a different "agenda" &&& it was disclosed in his campaigning "change" ... and that is exactly what is happening .....


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      • ... is there a board you don't visit?

        I don't think Obama could have been elected if Bush hadn't been such a poor leader... I think we would have ended up with someone less extreme on the left.

        There are many democrats I think could make good presidents but I'm not a socialist and Obama is to the left of 95% of democrats.

        If we end up with $2 trillion in deficit reduction spread over 10 years with most of it scheduled to happen 5 to 10 years from now, we're sunk.... that's no solution at ALL...

        ... yet, that's what Reid proposed and Obama said he'd support it so long as the debt ceiling is raised until after the election for crying out loud.

        Is it leadership to say we should jack up the debt ceiling then ignore the issue until after an election?...

        ... in return for cuts spread over 10 years?

        He won't even CONSIDER a balanced budget amendment... that speaks volumes.


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