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  • Box7 Box7 Jun 11, 1998 9:04 AM Flag

    Is a killer runner around

    Yes, and those same arguments were true for the
    past 15 years.

    So people ask the question? What
    is our federal energy policy?

    you've never lived for an extended time outside the USA,
    in an oil exporting country.

    My friend, OPEC
    is addicted to selling oil. And some key member s of
    OPEC are strong US allies, against some regimes who
    want to undermine our great country ( Iran, Iraq,
    Libya, etc).

    We can't cut off the royal family of
    Saudi Arabia, can we???
    Do you know how much fire
    power we have in place in Saudi?
    Not to mention
    their island buddy, bahrain. Or Kuwait.

    countries depend pretty much solely on oil to feed their
    people, and maintain their lavish lifestyles.

    you visited this region? Do you know their new found
    standard of living? Do you think they want to loose

    Think about it.

    Then you'll understand that the
    US oil industry is on its own.

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