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  • tdcburns Jun 23, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    shorts not scared and still shorting

    LIWA almost back to were it was before the License agreement.

    Shorts have no worries I guess. They don't care about insider buying they don't care about buypack program, they don't care about new License aggreement, they don't care that LIWA is real and continues to grow and report solid earnings and good news, they're not concerned about a buyout. They are not concered the LIWA true value should be a $14+ current stock price.

    Shorts aren't giving up.

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    • elpasojet Jun 23, 2011 2:39 PM Flag

      LIWA announced yesterday that they short US dollar for buyback. Therefore continue to short because they knew no hedge fund wanted to touch Chinese RTO by now.

    • It may not be shorts, more likely a "buyers strike".

      The calculus for any institutional investor is simple: if they buy a Chinese RTO and it goes up, the client says "well, you took a real risk with my money, glad we got lucky and it worked out" and if it goes down the client says "why the hell did you invest in a Chinese RTO with all the fraud clouds, etc., you're an idiot and you're fired!"

      The only buyers are some brave individuals, the company, and maybe some hedgies who don't have to disclose individual holdings to clients. The climate has to change (i.e. it isn't prima facie evidence of irresponsibility to buy a Chinese RTO) before LIWA goes anywhere. If the company can continue to buy back stock at these prices, however, when that investment climate changes we'll really soar.

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