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  • clubfoolish clubfoolish Sep 27, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

    Where is a large regular DIVIDEND?

    The *only* way this stock will shake the shorts is if LIWA uses use a portion of their cash to institute a qtrly dividend of ~6 cents per share.
    The shorts would cover quickly in waves, rather than ponying up that much cash to maintain their short positions. The stock would double almost instantly, and then triple, as the fundamentals indicate it should.
    This is a MINIMUM $22 stock based on fundys and cash flow, right now.

    Management, IR, where are you and why are you not fixing this?
    This is ridiculous for mngmnt to allow this downward pressure to go on, now for almost 2 years!
    Absurdly incompetent.

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    • No regular posters want to comment on this?

      Do any of you think management is taking any concrete steps to alleviate this absurd shorting into oblivion?

      More cash-on-hand per share than each share is worth???

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      • Clubfoolish, to answer your question regarding management taking any concrete steps here? Obviously no they haven't in a long while but I'm giving Daphne the benefit of the doubt since they talked recently they would start to focus in 2nd half on shareholders. Let's see, a yearly div or buyback would be a great start. As far as shorting into oblivion, the shorts are and have been quietly covering, your're seeing some funds selling i.e., gruber/mcbane- largest shareholder dump 400k shares in last 2 months and who knows if they're continuing. These funds need performance and they're as fed up as you and I.

    • tdcburns Sep 27, 2012 4:28 PM Flag

      the dividend is in $125M cash and increasing about $20M a quarter. The buyback is still in cash too. That is where the cash is.

      CEO has had plenty of opportunities to hammer the bogus shorts and hasn't siezed the opportunity once and now LIWA is in a deep hole.

      CYOU did it and some other so if CEO says he cares like he does he needs to step it up instead of just give same lip service every CC or put out sympathy PR after the stock after it tanks -30% everytime.

      Absurd is correct.

      LIWA will be earning $3 a share soon and still big money doesn't seem to care.

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