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  • not_a_stock_dummy not_a_stock_dummy Jul 30, 2007 4:46 PM Flag

    Current thoughts about a buyout

    Any thoughts about a buyout happening? It seems that the ICD market has hit bottom and the growth rate will return...albeit slowly.

    Anyone have any inteligent insight as to someone buying out St. Jude?

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    • Ha, ha! Guys, that's a short stuck with a bunch of stocks! He does not know anything about management or the ethical values of this ccompany. Ignore.

    • The only conclusion I can come to is: YOU'RE AN IDIOT! LMAO

    • Won't happen. Starks said if JNJ wants a buyout, JNJ will not probably like it, because the only way it could happen is STJ offering JNJ the price they JNJ won't like!

    • If you listen to some of the swami's on this board they will tell you it is Johnson
      and Johnson, and someone even mentioned General Electric. There have been
      rumors for years that J&J would buy out St. Jude, and they were even stronger
      after they lost Guidant to Boston Scientific. But, nothing happened. I would think
      that if someone was really serious about it they would have scooped them up
      a few months ago when the stock was trading in the low 30's. Why buy them now when they would have to offer an approximate 30% premium to the current price of the stock, roughly $55 a share, which would be an extra 3-5 billion higher than what they could have bought it for.
      But there are some ducks that have lined up that could signal a takeover, CEO
      Starks is starting to sell some of his stock, President of CRMD Mike Coyle has
      left, practically all of the other officers have dumped all of their stock, at one time they had a lot of cash on hand, little debt, and good products. A textbook example for a takeover but no one has shown up. At one time Siemens owned Pacesetter, Inc. which St. Jude bought. Perhaps it coul be Siemens again as they just purchased a medical company for 3 or 4 billion. Who knows, I think it is a crap shoot myself. Basically 50-50, somone might, someone might not. Perhaps one of the STJ message board Nostradamus's
      can provide some input with fact and not a bunch of trivial B.S., like one poster, yes St. Jude will be bought out by the end of June. Let's see if they can provide some substance to their hypothesis and not a bunch of fluff!!! Name
      your sources!!!

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      • Or....

        ...was JNJ waiting for BSX to take its lumps on Guidant problems, then swoop in and buy them?

        If they offered $20 a share, that would work out to around $29B (for the whole enchilada), not discounting for any divestment in the stent area. $20 represents a 50% premium on today's $13.20 price.

        Remains to be seen if the BSX dog don't hunt no more....perhaps BSX is starting to believe that given the sell-off of assets?

        Any smart dudes in the house that can comment on whether this is at all possible?

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