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  • pmoll pmoll Nov 29, 2005 11:13 AM Flag


    It's snowing here today.
    Buy back is interesting, sounds like they would like to move towards a stronger balance sheet. Make her look there a marriage in the future?
    I was watching BCE on NYSE and it got real close to $22US. That move down is sure gonna hurt a lot of the mutual funds.
    The Canadian government is in rough shape, kinda bush league. I wonder who's steering the ship?
    Last I checked the action in the mkt was still the fat cat momentum players squeezing shorts by running up the loopy priced stuff...and that's a game to watch from the side lines for me.
    800 just went by at $18.10 volume, I'm on the sidelines waiting for the panic.

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    • Thought you were getting more at 18.50. Backslider.
      So, if a buyback doesn't lift our spirits, how far down will EXE go?

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      • I'm no traitor, Reif.
        I bought some Friday on the first dip into the close. Stocks go up stocks go down. Heck, I'm no swami. It looks like all the big volume trades in the last three days over 100,000 shares were settled out at over $18.40C. So today I just watched. I still think the Federal Res Bank goes to 5%... and this is just a Christmas rally in a bear mkt. I figure they want to kill the housing mkt and stop the interest only loans. Credit card debt is at an all time high at over $800 billion, cars are not on anybodies Christmas list and there will be sales, muchos sales, sales upon sales. You'll be able to heat your house for a month with all the fliers you get.
        If the down trend in EXE isn't real and just some tax loss selling by the funds we'll start heading back up in a week or two and I make money. No Fear.
        I'm working on this other stock but it's under $5 and I don't recommend under $5 stocks here.

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