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  • So ya got an up day in the mkts, did ya take any profits?

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    • No, I sure did not. I don't play the market on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, for the most part; that's a fool's game. The only winner in timing the market on a short-term basis is the broker handling the trades, whether it be full service or otherwise.

      I going to stay off this board because I believe responding to your dangerous ideas about the market, and stocks in general (Nokia, come on, phones are fast become a commodity.... "buy our phone service and we'll send you four cellphones free,"...just like pc's have become.) lend those ideas some credance. I suppose that's why you have this board to yourself.

      Good luck, pmoll, you need it!



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      • let me preface this with "I believe that" ..
        the stock market is an imperfect democracy, you get to vote with your money. It's imperfect in that someone with more money than you has a greater vote.
        There are various ways to attempt to value the stock of a company, numerous types of analysis... but a stock goes up because there are more buyers than sellers and a stock goes down because there are more sellers than buyers, whether they be right or wrong.
        A long term hold strategy can work. We all have different styles. For the most part, all I do is turn over paper. By that I mean that I look for a stock where the sellers are exhausted and it looks like the buyers will have the upper hand and vice-versa.
        On that note I just bought some Extendicare.
        The biggest problem for NOK is that it has come up against the law of large numbers. I could splain that but I'm not going to.
        Now, it's time to go shopping.

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