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  • kuhnbo2010 kuhnbo2010 Jun 6, 2012 1:57 AM Flag

    Investor Village Posters

    Why does everybody pay to post at investor village when you can post here on yahoo for free.

    EXE has some informative investors, but could yall post over here. Mr. M can buy the entire float and/or company for that matter. But, he better start showing some improved revenue trends or he will buy it to zero. The company is now operating in a good space having exited the legacy business. However, the sales/marketing effort to date should be an embarrassment to a CEO who had previously built a 500+ million dollar enterprise. EXE has 20+ reps. How about 200+ reps and 500k per rep quota. That's a 100 million business or a 40 dollar stock. If the reps pay for themselves, get on it and hire.

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    • Why are you a believer in the new business strategy? It's been a long wait. Is the wait almost over?

    • Yep, plenty of time to accumulate if you believe in Mihaylo and the momentum they will create. I wait for small blocks of a thousand or two... continuing to build a position below 4. When good news comes, and it will, the anemic float will drive this up quickly.

    • <<I would like to buy this stock in the 2 dollar range.>>

      The stock is hard to buy in any size because you are often competing against a deep pocketed insider that buys all blocks. A large percentage of the company is held by the top few holders -- my bet is that you'll see $6 in 2012 not $2. Last quarter seemed to be an inflection point. Next quarter will be very interesting.

    • Mr M may have been successful at Intertel, but EXE has been a dog with fleas for several years. Mr M owns 4.4+ million shares. And what is his basis? Success at Intertel does not guarantee EXE's future will be bright. EXE has only recently taken the necessary steps to position the company for longer term growth. I would argue that Mr M did not terminate the legacy business in a timely manner and spent millions of dollars focused on a business that had collapsed. Selling web builder tools to the indigent isn't a sustainable business model.

      Time will tell if EXE will succeed or fail. The most positive metric is the reassembling of the old Intertel R&D team. The most negative is the lack of sales force momentum.

      Is the company worth 40 million dollars. No way. So, Its impressive that Mr M is a visionary and believes the value will exceed 40 million in the future. If this were a startup, $20/25 mil max. R&D team and a green sales force.

      I would like to buy this stock in the 2 dollar range. I will be patient.

      I have friends that love this name and showed it to me. I have discussed my analysis with them. The jockey is smart, but the horse has a broken leg.

    • Lots of shares offered today at 4.10. Wondering if that seller is real or trying to buy cheap stock. Mr. M could step up. He was more aggressive buyer in the 4-5-6-7 range than in the 3's. Is he running low on cash? Anybody know.

      I would think he would buy more size lower than higher. But what the hell do i know.

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