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  • roym717 roym717 Jun 6, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

    Technicals Are Looking Up!

    Weekly chart shows 50 Day breaking thru the 100 and 200 today on a very nice pop!

    Looks like we go higher from here - c'mon $20!!


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    • With the procedes from selling MTGE I bought WHZ this morning a little late but still caught most of the run.

      Right now WHZ pays a 20% divy. In this volatility though, I do not know if I will hold that long.

    • slegermark, thanks to you too for educating.
      For me, this board has been the most rewarding of all the Yahoo boards i have visited.

      I added 25% to AMTG at 18.85 and bought some NLY at 16.64. But that was before I read your post; learning how the "game" may be played so many different ways.

      Thanks again and please keep writing.

    • Good move. I held through the dividend and will likely buy more on the next dip, but not today. I like buying when the screen I am looking at is all red.

    • I agree and have found it profitable this summer only to buy on the anticipatory selloff at day's end on xdiv eve. Pick up the shares at a discount get recorded as shareholder for a div and the price recovers significantly within a few days and then sell.

      So, for AMTG the buy goes in at 19.45 yesterday, collect .75, the following few days price recovers to around 19.10 then sell for a .40 total gain. All in a few days.

      It is not my usual way of playing, but sometimes when I want to feel good about a win I will do it.

      I just did it with MTGE, bought the afternoon before xdiv held for a week and the price recovered .70 of the .90 divy.... I think this only works if the clever ones sell enough to create a discount the day before.

    • WebLvr, thank you for your post answering my questions and educating me on the subject of how dividend is played.

      One other question if you would be so kind to answer.

      Who may be the sellers of AMTG today; the EX-Div-Day?

      I can see the reason for buying but not the logic in selling.

      I thank you again.

    • Typically there is a run up as x-div approaches as people are buying to capture the divvy.

      If investors will make more during the divvy run than the divvy pays, then they sell. They will rebuy after the x-div date when typically the PPS drops by at least the amount of the divvy.This is frequently more profitable than "buy and hold."

      People have recently discovered the value of the Amreits and the "typical" drop on the x-div date isn't always happening any more. CMO is also x-div today with RSO and MITT yesterday, so watch them for a good entry price.

    • A pre-ex selloff happens often with any stock.
      First, many thanks for your posts and respect for your decisions to come off margin.

      Second, I thought price drops (adjusts) on ExDiv date and not the day before.

      Third, do some sell before Ex-date because they don't want the Dividend nor the price drop which makes them a buy/hold investor?

      Thank you and all the best.

    • SOLD! Yesterday at $19.60! Paid $18.60.

      Be back in after Ex.


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      • I just sold my AMTG position I bought after last SPO and as management stated they wouldn't do another SPO under book value, I'm looking into entering the next cycle after ex. I wonder if AMTG is worth doing long calls instead of buying the stock. Any thoughts on trading options on AMTG? How is their options liquidity? Thanks.


    • Hey Bullw., I gather you are thinking MTGE $$$ and AMTG ccc. Lol. Foxy

    • A pre-ex selloff happens often with any stock.

      I sold though mainly because I was on margin, needed cash, thought the timing was right, and was not willing(nor able) to wait for the div. payment to get it all. I needed to close out a position to bring my account into positive territory.

      I will look to get in later, especially if there is a further drop than the div.
      I do think there will be at least one opportunity to re-enter at a reasonable price, if not lower than the ex-date price, at some time this quarter(18.50's?).
      I think this growing company has a promising future and am rooting for the longs regardless.
      Good luck, FOXY

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