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  • hjcnyc hjcnyc Oct 31, 2007 9:44 PM Flag

    How is the strike going?


    I heard the MRAP line is almost shut down due to lack of parts

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    • The STRIKE is going just fine. I am getting a lot of work done at home that I could not get done when I was working all the OVERTIME.
      Also, I have applied for other employment since I really do not care to work for this CORRUPTED bunch of NERDS. I may be back, but it will not be for any great amount of time!
      Here is a funny one for you stuppid stock holders out there.
      Remember when I told you about two years ago how these NERDS sold all the equipment at the CAB and STAMPING PLANT to a group of bankers for around (now listen to this) $280 million dollars. Then they leased it back from that same group for X--amount of dollars. Here is the punch line to all this, IT HAS COST THEM $280 MILLION TO FIX THE BOOKS!!
      Remember I told you back then that the $280 MILLION nerver was put back on the BOOKS. Thanks for CATCHING YOURSELF you CHICAGO MOB NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes we have all heard the same old story, we are not going to negotiate in the press, while the company spews its crap to the public everyday. Lets get real for a minute shall we?
      First the Union is only going to tell us what it wants to tell us which is basically candy coated, fist pounding,solidarity forever, we feel for ya brother nothing. The public's overall view of unions is dwindling because they think we are lazy and overpaid anyway. Secondly, at the end of the day we are going to end up with a crappy deal with the strong possibility of plant closings and big layoffs. The jr. members are going to be pissed that they froze thier asses off just to get laid off anyway. Meanwhile the ones lucky enough to keep thier jobs are going to be working mandatory overtime against their will while the greedy ones will continue to violate overtime rules by working double shifts (probably with the locals blessing) and whatever massive hours they can convince themselves is justified.Solidarity Forever!! Let's not forget the ones that are calling thier bosses in the plant for "updates from the inside". Management are telling those fools that they have a new respect for them and thier jobs. Management has no respect for those fools. They are just tired of getting their hands dirty and want us back in there so they can get back to being bosses. And still we do not know for sure what is going on. Yes Solidarity Forever Indeed.

    • same ol same ol

    • The unions' position has remained that they won't negotiate in the press, but the company continues to do exactly that with the endless propaganda. I feel it is time to fight back.

    • You know, I do agree with the health care costs being way out of control. And I for one have no problem with sharing some of the cost. It's not just international that has the problem with health care costs. It's a nationwide problem.
      The only problem I do have is that everyone's wages are going down, while costs of everything else is going up... and that isn't the companies fault... that is yet a nationwide problem.

      • 1 Reply to nikkilpn
      • true, health care costs are out of control, but I for one don't want gov't controlled health care. However, if the company is paying $1500/month for an insurance plan with a $65 co-pay, it is no wonder they can't make money. Just for kicks, I ran a quick quote for my family at, and I can get personal plans between $102-500. Most have a small deductible and a small co-pay. Keep in mind, this is not even a group rate! As far as I am concerned, they can give me half of their $1500/mo. and I'll get my own damned insurance.

    • <So you call me a snake>

      I did not call you a snake. I just said that judging from what you wrote you are filled with hostility, resentments, feelings of having been used and abused. Justified or not, all of that venomous stuff pits you against those who, as you said, wear a "suit", like Dan Ustian who the other day said in effect that he will kill SAP if he can't make trucks there at a low cost that he can make them somewhere else. He is either bluffing or if he wants to prove that he has the "cojones" to do what he said he will do, he will kill SAP if does not get what he wants.

      The venom goes both ways from those who wear suits against those who wear blue collars and from those who wear blue collars against those who wear suits. And one thing that venom does do, it kills. What I am suggesting is for you all to let go of the lousy past, and develop a new mind set capable of meeting head on the challenges presented by your competitors in the 21st century's global economy.

      BTW, Daimler is not your competitor and Toyota is not your competitor. Daimler is part of Germany Inc. and Toyota is part of Japan Inc., both of which are your real competitors.

      I am neither promanagement nor prounion. I am proNavistar.

    • (Venom)?
      So you call me a snake but don't disagree with what I said?
      Thank you shine for being honest.
      But Venom? I am not the one poisoning this company or message board. I don't slam people because they are union, non-union, German or etnic. I don't think I have called anyone a "Jackass" on here either.
      As for "the others at Navistar" most everyone I know loves his/her job and is really grateful to have it. But we don't run the place.......................

    • <Your turn.>

      If the venom you have is shared by others at Navistar it proves that the IC Curse is as deadly as ever.

    • Just to give "My humble opinion" :
      1. Replace "Germans" with blacks, jews, gays,etc..and you have a racist remark. Relate to a company not a culture. Shine can do better!
      2. "You people" is a racist remark and Gambler CAN'T do better because it fits. No wounder you have so many people copying your screen name making fun of you. Get a life before its too late.
      3. The union workers who are standing in the cold right now have no control over what is going on. This is in the hands of the NLB.
      4. This is an "Unfair Labor Dispute" that the company has spent 6 monthes preparing for, with warehoused castings and non-union facilities to machine them.
      5: They shipped, pre-Oct 1st, Springfields parts to non-union assembly plants then laid us all off to start the squeeze on our bank accounts. Pre-planned and deadly as the Archie Macardal(sp) fiasco back in the 1970s that LASTED 6 MONTHES!
      6:Untill the NLB reviews our case there will be no negotiations. What I heard <rumur as it is> was that the NLB won't review the case till after Thanksgiving sometime which puts us right up against Christmas break. It may benefit the company to leave us out until January and save 9 days holiday pay which really adds up.
      7: The company lies!They said they would report earnings by Oct 25th and they only made a partial accounting statement that will be completed in Dec sometime.
      8: Labor has never made a decision on what to make , where to make it, when to make it and how to pay for it. We just make it and according to most reports that is quality stuff. This is not our choice to make on how the company makes money but we take the blame.
      9: If the company is in such a dire need to cut wages to remain solvent then where in the hell do they get the money to buy Wheelhorse RV frameworks, GM medium duty trucks and enter into yet another joint venture in China and India?
      10: Okay, tell me I'm ranting and raving again and maybe I don't know what I'm talking about BUT I have been with the company 35 years and I am proud of my IH heritage. What I am not proud of are the ones who "went global " back in the 70s and let IH get so big that when hard times came we had no savings. At one time with all the "investments IH had, we were 5 Billion dollars in debt. Not a labor decision but labor gets the blame. Navistar is doing it again getting big and betting 4 or 5 different tables. We are still in the hole over the brazil motors mess a few years ago when the "Brazilian real" lost so much value the whole company nav started costing over 200 million collasped. It cost another 70 million the close all the dealerships and pay off the leases. Close to 300 million for nothing. (Sorry no links just vauge memory)
      The IH curse wears a suit...................
      Your turn.

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