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  • colorado_dude4u colorado_dude4u Jan 27, 2011 12:39 PM Flag

    This was 400 bucks in 1980?

    I just pulled up the max chart out of curiosity. Can this be right? What the hell happened (obviously before any of us were invested in it or these boards existed).

    But it's just a point of interest and of course has no bearing on present time....

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    • Thank you - the is the first post that makes sense! Amazing the amount of bad information and nonsense a simple inquiry can generate on these boards.

      Thank you again!

      Subject closed for me. My curiosity satisfied and questions I had about this settled out.

    • I'm surprised there are not more International Harvester/Navistar historians here. Here is the stock price history as I remember it. Might have missed some details but it is all from memory.
      Pre 1980: Stock Price $30-40 (about $400 adjusted for future split). Company employed 100,000+ people world wide. Agricultural business was 50%+ of the company also in construction equipment and many other businesses. Don't recall annual sales/profits.
      Post 1980: Company entered major decline, flirted with bankruptcy for years. Sold off Ag, Construction and other businesses by 1984. Became Navistar in about 1986, trucks, engines, USA only, about 15,000 total employees. By early '90's business problems and dilution of shares had driven stock price down into the 2's. Significant company turn around starts in late '80s. Early '90's 10 for 1 split pushes stock price into the 20's. The history after that seems pretty well known here.

    • Ok on 1993 r/s

      But I still don't get it as far as what I'm talking about. Nothing to do with that.

      Look at the max chart where it went from 400 to 100 - that was way before 1993.

    • The reverse split was 7/1/93. The current price is only $6.50 if your comparing to the pre-split cost

    • Ok then can you show me where it went from 400 to 100...usually the charts here adjust ... I looked again and I don't see it. It looks like a price decline happened back then.

      But as I said it's just a curiosity.

      I have held very very few stocks since 1979. CVX (CHV) is one of them and pull up it's max chart you see all kinds of splits through the years and prices were adjusted on the chart.

      DHR is another one (but not had it since '79) ...same story the chart shows adjustments (total 4 splits)...

      But if you have held that long what's your cost basis of the shares you bought originally?

      That should help to clear this up.

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