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  • somethinhappeninghere somethinhappeninghere Dec 19, 2012 8:22 AM Flag

    We all knew it was going to be bad.

    Just need to focus on the silver lining.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • with all due respect, help me to see it, i realize were the saudi Arabia of natural gas, but to make a car nat gas is roughly 7 grand?, nat gas is roughly 1 dollar less than gasoline, lets say it was two dollars less, without getting to complicated cause i dont have the time to, you would need to use 3500 gallons of nat gas just to break even on the cost of the installation nevermind obvious things that go along with a car getting older and worn out as we drive them, lets say the average fill up is 20 gallons, and lets say the average person uses 1.5 tanks ( 30 gallons) per week to get to wherever, thats 116 weeks just to break even on the cost of the installation, nevermind the fact oil might go down, and lower the difference between nat gas and gasoline, furrrrrrrrgeddaboutit. theres no way we go thru such infurstructure costs without it being cost effective, noooooooowayyyyyyy.
      now to be alittle more accurate, nat gas is around a dollar less or even less than a dollar differeence between gasoline and nat gas, so double the amout of weeks to break even on the cost, thats 230 weeks just to break even on the cost. thats probably 30 to 40,000 miles to break even. I just converted my generators to nat gas, I LOVE IT, its great. but the only reason i spent the money to do it is cause during Sandy gas was no where to be found, and i have a 500 gallon tank of propane sitting in my yard, so to go a couple of days on gasoline ( if you could find a station that 1 had gas, 2 had electric to pump the fas) i need to have 30 gallons ( 10 jerry cans) sitting on the side of my house, with my curret setup i just plug the generator into the propane quick disconnect and i can go a month without a refil of propane. see what i mean? if i could get gas during sandy i wouldnt even consider making my generator propane. If its not cost effective and efficient, no way will nat gas cars become main stream. disclouure, if you got it, hold it, if your thinking of buying wait till under 20, maybe closer to 15, and watch the other nat gas stocks, CLNE, WPRT, FSYS, AVAV when they bottom then consider it, but their charts are from upper left to bottom right, thats a downtrend.

      Sentiment: Hold

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