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  • oscoutspa oscoutspa May 19, 2011 4:44 PM Flag

    Anybody Buying

    I personally have found that given the volatility of this stock a good way to be very disciplined about buying it is to use limit orders. Pick a price and number of shares, for example 100 shares and $9.00 and put in a limit order then have patience, it will probably get there sometime. Another variation is to buy some at the market and then put in a couple of limit orders for the rest at lower prices and wait.

    Oh, and be prepared to suck it up while you watch the price drop some more! This is not a short term investment. I personally don't foresee full value being realized until 2015 or so. Good IRA candidate. You may want to go to their website and read their CVM form thoroughly. It outlines the multitude of risks that could impact them as well as their strategic competitive advantages. Also, listen to their conference calls and read everything on here before getting in too deep on this one.

    Also, keep an eye on:
    and look at the bid/ask spread which gives you a good idea where the stock is at real time.

    Agreed that it is more favorable than PBR.

    I'd buy more but it is at my personal portofolio risk limit, but if the price gets substantially under $9.00 I might not be able to help myself.

    If we are collectively correct on the long term prospects/value of this investment it is not really going to matter whether you saved $.50 now on your purchase. I guess you could say the converse is true if we're wrong!

    There are other EBX group stocks worth looking at too - though trade on them is extremely thin - MMXMY (iron ore), MPXEY - gas, electrical generation, columbian coal.

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