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  • umbisam umbisam Dec 9, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    You Must Love Casinos

    this is internet bubble alike .... exactly the same !

    people buying at stupid prices (for now) for simple 3D press releases/annoucementa, by an empty cashless company ....

    good luck

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    • We are buying into the company because of the future of 3D printing companies. There is a chance that this company will have success. After all, that is what investment is about. It is about buying into the stock when it is still cheap. You can miss the boat if you wait after the company rolls out their products.

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      • I honestly feel bad for you if you own this stock. Would you care to lend me your shares to short at a 8% interest rate?

      • How does it have a chance at success with 300 grand compared to the big players? What are they therefore doing differently than any other person with 300 grand in the bank couldn't do? Do you just invest blindly in anything with "3d" in the title or press release? This is EXACTLY what these scammers count on.
        Ask yourself what the point of going public vs staying private is. It is usually the ability to raise money. THEN now ask yourself, why when going public, this company tied themselves to a guy that has completely limited their ability to raise capital by warrant or share sales on the open market? My god how obvious can these get? It's almost like you have to draw out what is going on with simple stick figures and lots of colors for some to understand... unreal.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Unbelievable. Is anyone truly long in this company who has a modicum of investor sense? This company has less than $20,000 in cash. The company has no financing. Explain to me how they are going to produce a 3D printer? They can't even afford the software.

        God, I wish Fidelity would let me short the stock after a run up like today.

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