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  • sbull1751 sbull1751 Jan 2, 2014 2:05 AM Flag

    Bogus co. with no products just hype

    $0 soon

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    • Hype...right...if the promoters had left this alone the stock would be trading over $5. You bashers will find out how bogus this company is at the end of the month.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • If promoters left it alone troll? Then why did they PAY promoters? You know if they paid the promoters to do their email pumps, and actually came out with a secondary to raise money to do something.. THEN this might be worth following.. but probably not even then because they would be just another small-time player trying to sell a printer. How many guys like this made it to sell laser printers, or inkjets when those came out? This is so F'n obvious its a joke that it's amazing thick numbskulls like you cannot see it. But I would guess more than likely you are paid by these same promo companies to come here and continue to try and pump this and steal from people.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Once again... pure conjecture...
        IF this had not been promoted, it is more likely that it would be trading at $0.50 than $5, first. Next, there is no way to know what 'might have been', but it's always fun to daydream as it doesn't take any reality to accomplish. AND, while your pie in the sky pipe dream is purely hypothetical hogwash, the pump and dump promotion scheme is documented FACT. So, stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. We'll all see at the end of the month IF they come up with a marketable product, but even if they do it remains to be seen in they can actually sell it for a profit. Keep on dreamin, kiddo.

    • And what if, just for the sake of argument, Makism does present something on the 20th and the company proves to be legit? How high will it fly?
      I'm not saying it is or isn't legit.

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      • It won't at all.. why would it? How would they compete against the massive players entering this space? Give your head a shake. If this was so easy to enter, you would have 500 other companies doing so. What exactly is it that this company does that is proprietary that no-one else could copy? The company is actually structured so they cannot raise money.. cannot do anything that would dilute or limit the guy behind the scenes who is dumping millions of shares into the market. So how exactly are they gonna do anything for this presentation?

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Regardless of whether or not this company is going to produce anything
        there has still been a huge promotion intended at manipulating trading volume
        and based on the numbers before the halt
        it looks as if there are still a lot of shares out
        waiting to be dumped.
        IF they produce a product, we'll see where it goes.
        WHEN the big block holders start dumping again, look for this to tank.

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