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    Perma-Fix Promotes Richard Macon to Vice President, Nuclear Services Business Development

    ATLANTA – July 18, 2013 — Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: PESI) today announced the promotion of Richard Macon to Vice President of Nuclear Services Business Development. In this role, Mr. Macon will be responsible for pursuing opportunities, developing proposal win themes, and forming strategic partnerships to further company growth. Mr. Macon will continue to cultivate relationships with Perma Fix’s new and existing clients including the DOE and DOD, commercial nuclear industry and Canada.

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    • When was the last time that PESI promoted a minority? Just wonder.

    • Hey, do you know anything about this R. M guy? Hoping that he is African- or Hispanic/Latino-, or Asian- American assuming he earned a college and/or a higher degree and years of experience in the field.

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      • You are a complete moron.

        Macon brings more than 22 years of professional and managerial experience including project management work for demolition, environmental construction, waste management, engineering and technical staffing companies. Macon earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in civil engineering from Tennessee Technology University (Cookeville, TN) and has been with Perma-Fix since 2010.

    • Not sure what this guy's promotion means. Is he replacing someone who they thought
      wasn't doing a good enough job? Or is this a newly created position, signifying more company
      resources/emphasis being put on that segment. Be great if they could form some kind of partnership. That would be just about as good as getting a major new contract....

    • Pursuing opportunities and strategic partnerships. Well, he could start with telling the story about how PESI is maybe the best and cheapest commercial alternative for cleaning up the leaking tank waste at Hanford. That is a good marketing point,. So is the fact that the company's Enterprise Value (market cap plus net debt) is only $39 million but the replacement value of its assets is probably $400 million w/significant barriers to entry (licensing, regulatory, permit etc.). The problem is that even w/great assets the vultures always wait and let the unwind take place and try to scoop up the assets for next to nothing. If they don't expect big contracts to be awarded in the near future they can afford to just sit and watch and pursue the "let them twist in the wind approach". If they had even an inkling big awards were imminent you'd probably see a bidding war for those assets. It's all about timing. Most individuals are not even remotely feeling the effects of "The Sequester" other than a bit higher Social Security tax witholding rate. But PESI is taking it on the chin, squarely.

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