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  • selllowtome selllowtome Sep 12, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

    Annual Meeting Today

    Anyone attending? Any chance the R/S proposal gets killed? Surely at least one of the large holders will see through the guise of the continued listing excuse and vote against it because of the potential for major shareholder dilution. What's PESI need the share capital for -- another SEC?!! Either way, will be interesting to see if there is any reaction by the market.

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    • Please explain why a R/S equals shareholder dilution.

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      • Hello Gatr, long time no "see". I am never sure why people panic so much about a R/S. Feels like deja vu as we had these conversations in years past. Whether you cut a pizza into 4 slices or 8 slices, the pizza hasn't changed size. People always seem to think though that having 10 $1 bills is somehow better than a ten dollar bill. Sure, it might cause some temporary movement in the price due to people who don't know better, but can't do much about that.

        In any case, what's your thoughts on this one? I've spent some time with it. Poor performance of course, but they do have a collection of assets that I don't want to say are irreplaceable, but they are certainly difficult to replace. I have to imagine it's virtually impossible to get the licenses they have in which to operate. Given that there are very few parties who can do what they do, I have to believe there is a place for them out there and that once the government gets their act together (a tall order I know) business should resume as it has in years past.

        In addition, it's cheap. I see no reason why this shouldn't be worth 2-3x it's current price.

      • it does not, unless selllowtome is assuming an follow-on stock offering some time in the future, post-split. Doubt management has the stomach for any more acquisitions, especially after SEHC and w/the share price so low. Best way to get out of a hole--first stop digging. Been pretty steady having cleared $0.50 and held, but they need to come forth w/some comfort regarding how the lost revenue from the Hanford waste treatment subcontract beginning in 4Q will be compensated for. Of course if they do, the stock would probably be much higher. Need gambler's nerves here, but they still have a couple cards to play. A break-even cash flow in 3Q would still gives them a few quarters to figure it out. Hope it doesn't take that long.

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