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  • moniapp293 moniapp293 Oct 4, 2012 1:02 PM Flag

    We ALL watching the debate?

    A CNN initial poll today had Romney winning the debate 67% to 25% for Obama.

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    • Yup, I saw that poll to... Which probably explains why Romney is home right now porking the prom queen, while Obango went home and had to look at Moochelle and her horse sized rear end.

    • rkaye Oct 4, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

      Who were the mooshbrains that had odummy winning by 25% when the dummy didn't even deserve 2%? How much of the government dole had to be paid out by odummy to get that 25%? CNN, a real joke. Heck even the hardcore leftists had to suck this one up and take it like the mooshbrains that they are. Ponz.

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      • So true... In fact, it was so refreshing watching Prissy Matthews and the entire MSNBC staff...all with long faces admitting that their man (Obama) got destroyed on almost every point in the debate. Now about 10 hours later, the same media is attempting to paint the debate more of a draw - how transparent can you be?! Obama could not defend his record, would not answer the points Romney made about his record and his only tactic was to once again try to paint Romney as another Bush like he did with McCain in 2008. However this time it didn't work. And now with the upcoming VP debate, the Dems are in trouble because they know that Biden will get used like a two bit w-h0re by Ryan... #ell he will destroy him. After all Biden has proven time and again that he is a baffoon. The momentum and confidence that Romney will have going into the 2nd Presidental Debate will be one that Obama cannot overcome. For the next two weeks, the approach that Romney should maintain is to talk only to what Obama refused to answer. "What about raising the debt 5 trillion instead of lowering? What about gas prices being double what they were when Obama took office? What about the additional 12 million people on Food Stamps? What about the continuing unemployment rate? What about the Green Energy companies that provided hugely to Obama's campaign that in turn got BILLIONS from Obama only to now be bankrupt? What about, what about, what about????

    • I heard a commentary today refer to Obama's economic policies as "Trickle down Government." And I thought what a great characterization of the failure of Obama's policies. Over 14% unemployment in the black community alone, and he tells us what he is "going to do." Good God man, you're president of the United States of America! What are you waiting for?

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